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Gueye is coming to PSG, Le Parisien confirms and shows the price


Idris has Gueye one of the great slopes of Paris Saint-Germain will be strengthened in the middle of the field this summer. even if Coach "Everton" Marco Silva expressed his desire to save 29-year-old, a transfer seems to be moving forward. team Yesterday assured that Paris wants to resolve this issue by Monday and Paris announcing on Sunday that all the items are close to closing.

"After Sarabia, Herrera and Diallo, the PSG is on the way to the end of the fourth year the arrival of the main Mercato face Idris Hue track that leads to the Senegalese midfielder, SUR & # 39;. Serious, as acknowledged by Leonardo yesterday in NurembergHalf, causing a "possibility", "unexpected situation", in a tone that seemed optimistic.

The program is a defensive midfielder (after CAN lost in the final) for the following week consists of three weeks of rest, which he will hold in his country. However, it can be quickly delivered to Paris to make his move. Reflection should not be long, since it implies that the player is very interested in the Paris project, which he wanted to join last winter, without that Antycha Henrik meet Thomas Tyuhelya.

"The deal should be the transfer of about 30 million. Euro in bonus."

PSG would like to conclude this trip before the start of the week. Everton, who had just before August 8 (end date of share transfer of the English language) turned around and would like to see the situation quickly released. (…) The two teams would not have been very far from agreement, which should include the transfer of about 30 million. Euro, with bonuses. "

If we remain cautious until there is no official confirmation, something about this transfer there is a certain optimism. Gueye, who won in the premier & # 39; er League is a very good midfielder, must return to Ligue 1, which he knew from the LOSC. Very good shot for the PSG, with a complete player who will make a lot of good in intensity and recovery. Not uncomfortable with the ball (Find the full presentation here).

Now we have to be careful. While there is nothing confident enough to believe in the possible transfer. The player is very interested, and clubs should be able to agree. But the transfer window can also be odd. Let us be patient in waiting for the official symbol.

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