In court, Fourniret blamed his first wife for all his crimes


Versailles (AFP) – "This has had a previous life: irreversible, results": at the trial, Michel Fourniret again explained Tuesday his criminal journey by the trauma caused by him by the fact that his first wife was not a virgin when he married her.

The man nicknamed the "Ardennes giant" appeared since Tuesday before the Yvelines Assize Court, along with his ex-wife (his third marriage) Monique Olivier, for the 1988 murder of Farida Hammiche, wife of a former cellmate, to steal treasure from "gang hairpieces" famous.

Asked about his first love relationship by Didier Seban, lawyers including Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch, widower of Farida Hammiche, Michel Fourniret repeated the explanation given during the investigation. According to his testimony at the time, he "had to hunt at least two virgins a year," an obsession born from the fact that his first wife, he thought was a virgin, not at the time of their marriage.

"If I don't marry a woman who has little experience, that won't happen," he repeated coldly Tuesday, before continuing to the third person.

"Put yourself in children's shoes then a teenager who does an army, don't go on leave, read, write a lot, and who comes to marriage not too proud to marry a virgin", has him sitting, arms crossed, staring at the lawyer in his eyes.

"This person, this bastard, the virgin wife of a woman 7 years, 3 months and 18 of her first days, but that is lacking because of too much experience," he won.

This fact, "it's like a bullet that explodes in your head." "Hey, friend?", He said to Seban, suddenly raising his voice. "I understand," the lawyer said calmly.

Sentenced in 2008 for the murder of seven girls or women, Fourniret described this sentence as "not entirely unfounded".

Regarding his health, he said that "physically it works, morally, it can go away". "It is true that I am not disabled by a severe illness," he added. However, he regularly mentions his hearing problems and partial memory errors during the first morning of hearing.

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