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Alexander Zverev, the man who said "sorry" after a big victory. Roger Federer's logical victory in the Masters semifinals on Saturday in London (7-5, 7-6), Germany has seen his success completely ruined by public reaction, which is lavishly whistling in post-victory speeches. A surreal scene when he played one of his best games and qualified for his first big final.

The audience would not forgive him for stopping one point, in a decisive game, at the end of the second half, in 4-3 supporting Federer on Zverev's service. Why? Because he had seen a collector drop the ball and go get it in court. It was followed after the match, the moment of great malaise, Germany would even confuse him in an apology. Bad in his sneakers, the 5th world has said "sorry" several times due to the fact of the game, he has the right to claim.

When expressing his excitement in court after his victory, Zverev mainly took a whistle salad when the public, more familiar with Federer's cause, heard the word "victory." And it's not just a few whistles scattered about, but a big bronca. Which made the Germans silent for a few seconds. Aware of the seriousness of the scene, another audience member, they gladly applauded Federer's executioner.

" I hope people will understand that I didn't make any mistakes "

"I'm a little sad because of the whistle and reaction of the audience, he reacted again to the press this time. Maybe they don't understand what happened, obviously a man with three titles at the Masters 1000. "I'm really bad in the locker room, I won't lie to you. I hope people will understand that I did not make a mistake and they will not make me whistle in the final. "

Alexander Zverev whistled by spectators from Arena 02 after his 1/2 final success against Roger Federer at the Masters

Alexander Zverev whistled by spectators from Arena 02 after his 1/2 final success against Roger Federer at the MastersGetty Images

Despite losing, Federer did not find anything wrong with Zverev's explanation. World number 3 even supports his approach and regrets the epidermal reaction from the crowd. "It's a shame, Zverev didn't deserve it, he apologized to the internet and I told him : & # 39; Shut up! You don't need to apologize, you are on your right. Should the referee better explain this case at this time?", said the Swiss.I hope he won't whistle on Sunday. I understand public frustration. But he must understand that this is only an unfavorable situation. I don't like it when we hiss. We see it in other sports but in tennis, it's something rare. But it's very direct and we take it personally. "

Federer even praised the executioner that day, who took a big risk to stop the point at the time. Because the chair referee – Brazilian Carlos Bernardes – looked at Zverev during the famous scene and not the collector in question. "I don't question Sasha's sportsmanship in any way. This is an important decision he made because the referee just told him : & # 39; Sorry, I didn't see anything & # 39 ;. It was the referee's decision to replay points and make sure he had all the information he had. "

" It's normal to replay points, but it's sure it has an impact "

Asked about his discussion with the offending boy, Basler joked: "I asked if he had come for dinner, no, I just asked if he had let the ball out, from that point of view there was no problem. It was not something very important, it was alive, it was exercise."

Carlos Bernardes and Roger Federer at 1/2 final Masters

Carlos Bernardes and Roger Federer at 1/2 final MastersGetty Images

Asked about the importance of the moment, Federer, who was at loggerheads during this exchange on 4-3 one of several points where he had put his opponent in trouble with his commitment – not filtered: "It's normal to replay points, but it's sure it's having an impact: I'm taking aces ", he explained. Zverev went in this direction with a bit of mischief. "I think that putting her ace after that might not help. "

A former football collector at the beginning of Basel, Federer, who had humor joking despite the circumstances, smiled when he remembered whether he had been in the situation of a poor collector. "I don't remember, but I might do it"With a little humor, we solve all problems, even" diplomatic incidents ".


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