Nicola Sirkis, Indochina leader: her secret to staying in touch with her children during her tour


On November 16, at 9 pm, the TMC channel broadcasts an Indochina concert directly, stopping at AccorHotels Arena in Paris. It didn't have to be completely cut off from the three children when he was shot, Nicola Sirkis, the group leader, respected the right little ritual, before the concert.

that 13 Tour from Indochina, following the album release 13, has appeared as excessive tour with hers A 1500 m2 screen is installed on the Arena AccorHotels ceiling (750 m2 in smaller rooms), 14 semi-trailer equipment, 6 buses and 90 people working in group services. Rare Gigantism, even unique in France, but that doesn't erase the human dimension from that adventure.

When they tour, group members, but also technicians, are located on the road for several months. that 13 Tour, which TMC broadcasts live concerts, November 16, at 21h, starting last February and ending at the end of December. In order not to be completely cut off from hers, Nicola Sirkis had a little trick, as he revealed gala accompanied Indochina to Dijon, last April.

So, every night, right before going on stage, he called his childrenThéa, 16, Alice-Tom, 9, and Jules, 2, before they go to bed. " Very important, like having photos of them in my dressing roomclaimed to be Indochina leader. This is a way to bring them with me " Apart from their photos, they also arranged soft toys. " Soft toys are symbolshe explained. I started with one, then two when I had my daughter "Nicola Sirkis also put other people on stage, at the foot of the drum.

All these personal elements are installed in the hut, where they also float the smell of incense and classical music, let the stainless Nicola Circuit be " reinventing the cocoon », It is important to concentrate and rejuvenate beforehand give everything for 2 hours 30 minutes that takes place every concert.

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