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The conquest of the Moon by 5 figures


July 21, 1969 Neil Armstrong walking on the moon – the culmination of the dream of the owner. Back to the main figures of this space.

● $ 25 billion in investments

This is the approximate cost of a variety of missions "Apollo". In total, there were 17, six of which have seen spaceships on the Earth's satellite. These various projects worked almost 400 thousand people.

● 600 million viewers

More than half of men and women in front of TV watching on the first steps on the moon during the mission "Apollo 11", which is headed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. It remains one of television events, which attracted the greatest number of viewers.

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● 21kg lunar rocks

This is what Neil Armstrong has collected in conducted on the moon for two hours, thirty-six minutes and forty seconds. Collection of geological samples was one of the missions of astronauts, the first directed in 1969 at the Earth's satellite. In 2017, the amount filled moondust, which returned Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission, has sold 1.7 million. 500 grams of dust and small stones twelve were gathered in the area "Sea of ​​equanimity."

● 12 astronauts

They walk on the moon twelve men: all Americans. These various trips took place in the period from 1969 to 1972 year with six missions. When the crew of "Apollo 11" will be the most famous, that of other astronauts names who achieved this feat: Charles Conrad Jr. and Alan Bean (Apollo 12), Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14), David Scott and James Irwin ( Apollo 15), John Young and Charles Duke (Apollo 16), Yevhen Kärnan and Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17).

Since then, no one stepped on his foot. If three of the mission was planned after Apollo 17, NASA considered that the transaction costs are too important, in addition to a decrease in the general public interest in the conquest of the moon.

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● $ 30 billion

On CNN question about the future mission to the Moon, Jim Brydenstsin, NASA Administrator, said that the operation cost could reach $ 30 billion. If Artemis project wants to turn the man on the moon by 2024, the number of operations will be cool at the moment the government department. Project & # 39 is one of the priorities of the administration Trump, who recently released NASA on expansion to $ 1.6 billion, bringing the budget for 2020 will reach 21 billion dollars.

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