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The largest electric hybrid aircraft is ready for flight


The largest electric hybrid aircraft is ready for flight

Not long ago, the new hybrid cars were on the roads around the world. The sky – it may have the following sphere of innovations at this stage.

Company Ampair, clean technology, based in Los Angeles, will begin taking orders for hybrid electric aircraft presented at EAA AirVenture Air Show exhibition in Wisconsin next week. Plane, called the EEL, in fact represents a modification of the Cessna 337, the aircraft having a front engine, which shoots, and motor rotor, which increases the back. Alterations Ampair replace one of these electric motors, internal combustion powered on.

This is the latest example of a long-standing goal of electrification of air transport. Currently, the aircraft is 4.9% of carbon emissions worldwide. With increasing awareness of the dangers associated with carbon, has increased interest in electric aircraft, with companies such as MagniX and Ampair Racing, who developed a viable electric motors.

We will need many more years to see
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Earlier this year, the company MagnX and regional airline Pacific North Northwest, Harbour Air, have formed a partnership that could lead to the first all electric airline. A potential advantage of electrical Aviation & # 39 is the economy. Currently, fuel is from 30% to 50% airline operating costs.

However, aircraft which are translated into electrical power, have a limited range, and the weight / power ratio of electric motors in combination with heavy batteries much worse than in internal combustion engines fueled with liquid fuel. The technology is improving rapidly, but may take many years to see all of the regional road, except for a short, switch to electricity.

Ampair believes that hybrid propulsion force can be palliative, saving fuel while keeping a lot of advantages of the internal combustion transfer.

The cost of the aircraft will be competitive compared with the cost of conventional aircraft

"Ampaire Electric EEL – the first step to reduce emissions, operating costs and noise in the aviation industry due to electrification," – said Kevin Noertker, CEO. "The original Cessna 337 was very helpful, and this hybrid electric conversion retains these advantages while reducing the cost of fuel and maintenance."

Currently, the EEL passes 30-month trial program, which began in June. One of the tests – demonstrate reliability under the & # 39; omnyh engines on each transmission of motion. Ampair expects that the aircraft will be certified in 2021.

In Ampair EEL plane are four or six passengers. The company claims that the cost of the aircraft will be competitive compared to the price of comparative conventional aircraft.

"This is something new and exciting in the air – redundancy and performance dvuhtsylindravyh engines at cruise flight only 37 liters per hour," – said Noertker. "And being able to reduce the ecological footprint, while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to fly at will."

Ampair believes that convert existing passenger aircraft electric aircraft – the fastest and most cost-effective approach to the realization of commercial air transport.

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