The NGO launched a group action against Facebook in Paris


The NGO launched a group action against Facebook in Paris

Paris – A French NGO, the Internet Society of France, has launched a group action against Facebook for failing to comply with recent European regulations regarding the protection of personal data (RGPD), which resulted in "repeated attacks on freedom and privacy", he said in a statement Friday.

The NGO sent Thursday to Facebook official notice in response to seven major complaints, he said.

According to RGPD, Facebook will have "four months to respond", before the case is taken to the Paris district court.

The French Internet Society has collected for several months the names of people who want to participate in this procedure, and claim to have collected "several hundred".

This procedure is part of the "eBastille" initiative launched by the association, which aims to "encourage European citizens to take over their digital destiny".

Among the seven shortcomings identified by the association include "tracking cookies that collect information from non-members but consulting" Facebook, or the term general use that "limits the liability" of US giants to the personal data of its users.

The association also believes that Facebook "collects sexual orientation, political opinions and religious beliefs of its members".

According to him, losses caused by Facebook for each user can be compensated for up to 1,000 euros, or "100 million euros" if you win the bet to collect 100,000 people in the procedure.

Several European associations have launched a process against Facebook and other US internet giants who take advantage of new opportunities through RGPD.

An Internet advocacy NGO, La Quadrature du Net, was submitted at the end of May in CNIL, French police for personal data, collective complaints against Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.

Complaints have also been filed in other European countries such as Spain.

The Internet Society France is a French branch of the international NGO Internet Society which defends the Internet open to all and neutral.

The Internet community will become one of the civil society actors present at the World Forum on Internet Governance, held at UNESCO in Paris from Monday to Wednesday.







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