To force Ryanair to pay € 500,000, civil aviation took … a Boeing 737


This is called a knife under the throat. To force Ryanair to repay half an million euros of improper subsidies, the French State has mastered the runway of Bordeaux airport, one of its devices to more than 80 million price catalogs.

The dispute was settled a few hours later, the company had agreed to replace the Charente county council. According to France 3, transfers of almost 525,000 euros were made in the interests of the department. The immobilized plane can take off again this Friday at 12:30.

The dispute over € 525 million received by low-cost airlines from the airport union with Charente, as part of the company's activities at Angoulême airport from 2008 to 2009. The European Commission has decided this subsidy is illegal in July 2014, but the government has never been able to recover improper After "some official notices and failed recovery efforts", the government has chosen "this action taken as a last resort".

149 passengers were transferred on another flight

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has since packed Thursday a device from an Irish company at the Bordeaux-Mérignac airport (Gironde), just before taking off. The order was notified to the captain by the prefectural representative who was accompanied by a bailiff. They are escorted by members of the Gendarmerie Air Transport. 149 passengers on the plane were transferred to another flight five hours late.

Not surprisingly, Ryanair has promised to pay back "in the afternoon," said Didier Villat, president of Joint Venture Charente Airports, today. And for good reason, the plane cannot take off once the amount paid.

"The state reaffirms this action to ensure fair conditions of competition between airlines and between airports," DGAC said.

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