Asia Bibi lawyer: "He wants to go to Germany with his family"


Catholics were sentenced to death in 2010 for alleged blasphemy in a Muslim-majority country, but were recently released and released from prison. This triggered massive protests by radical Islamic groups against a five-year-old mother, who is now 51 years old.

His lawyer Saif-ul-Malook, who fled to the Netherlands, urged to find a safe place to stay: "He can go where he wants, but time is running out."

The Foreign Ministry said: "We are in dialogue with the Government of Pakistan and our partners, and we are committed to protecting Asia Bibi and her family." A number of European countries are open to being accepted if they are able and willing to leave Pakistan. This includes "of course" as well as Germany.

Bibi Ashiq Masih's husband has asked several western states to seek asylum, especially in the Italian government to help his family.

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