Friday , December 4 2020

Coranovirus: “Explosion” with 108 dead – Thessaloniki is under pressure

For the first time dead from coronavirus arrived in a three-digit number in our country in 24 hours. EODY reported that there were casualties 108, until 3pm and in general 1527. However, late on Saturday evening, their number reached the total 1597which means that The death toll rose by 70, about eight hours later.

The escalation of the growth rate of the dead is of great concern, and the situation in the health care system is complicated because hospitals, especially in Northern Greece, are under great pressure.

As for the epidemiological data, according to the same information, which is not officially confirmed, there is 4230 patients with coronavirus covid infection 19 of which 551 y ICU and 545 intubated.

EODY announced Saturday afternoon that in intense they are at war 522 people.

Thessaloniki it looks like this despite the lock the first y variance as recorded in most cases: 606 of the total 2311. Accordingly, Attica was 382 cases, while they remain at a very high level Larissa and She sang.

According to POEDIN, The beds of the ICU many hospitals in the country have crowded, while there are people who are out of intensive care and require extra support.

In particular, according to the OPEN report, three intubated in Aikaterini, three in Veria and four in Polygyr are outside the ICU, while 424 Thessaloniki Military Hospital, converted it parking in a mobile hospitalto meet the needs of the pandemic.

“We’re on the edge of a razor”

The director of the hospital’s intensive care unit most clearly described the situation. Papanikolava Thessaloniki, Nikas Capravelas, speaking on OPEN TV, characteristically saying: “It was not dawn in Thessaloniki … It was another night of St. Bartholomew.”

Mr Capravelos notes that “colleagues in the private sector want to prepare for a few days. We are on the verge of a razor, waiting for someone to lose their lives. We track double-digit deaths. The solution we see is the integration of the entire private sector and mobilization. While we are late, we are wasting time. “Colleagues from the private sector need training that already had to be done!”

“All colleagues are fighting for the preservation of the system. And they expect more responsibility for the implementation of measures from citizens, but also from the state more decisive measures. There is not enough applauseHe stressed.

At the same time, another vigil in Hippocrates ended in the morning, and another vigil began in Papanicolaou without beds in the intensive care unit. At noon, however, the evacuation of private clinics began ordered to transport patients to the military hospital of Thessaloniki.

A slight decrease in imports

The positive news is that, according to PEDIN, in the last two shifts of Thessaloniki hospitals took place reduced imports.

On Thursday a Papaeorgiou were introduced 80 patients with coronavirus about 120 in previous shifts.

On Friday Fr. Hippocrates there were 90 imports patients out of approximately 120 admitted to previous shifts.

“However, the situation with intubated patients is avoided, as there are no intensive care units,” said POEDIN President Mr. Giannakas.

In particular, according to the same data:

CatherineA: It had 4 intubated chambers, the intensive care bed cells increased by 2 again.

Saint Demetrius: 3 intubated in common chambers.

PolygyrasA: It had 4 intubated in shared cells. He opened the IAF without specialized staff.

EdessaA: These are 2 intubated patients in a common ward.

Intensive care situation

According to Mr. Jannakas, the situation with resuscitation is as follows:

ΑΧΕΠΑ: 42 patients out of 46. Gaps in coronary department.

Papanikolava: 48 to 48

Papaeorgiou: 42 of 42

Hippocrates: 22 а 22

Geniment: 17 to 17

Saint Demetrius: 8 in 8 and 3 in the cells.

Saint Paul: 7 to 7

Military: 10 of 10

Polygyras: 10 of 10

Catherine: 10 out of 10 and 4 in the cells.

Faith: 8 to 8

Janice: 8 to 8

Serres: 10 of 10

Edessa: 3 in 3 and 2 in the cells.

According to PEDIN, today AHEPA has more than 170 doctors and nurses, and Hippocrates has more than 110.

To extend the lock

It is clear that quarantine I will to continue and after November 30th. Hopefully the drop in cases will lead to a easing of measures due to Christmas.

Teacher Athena Lina Speaking at the Open, she seemed wary. In particular, he said:

“No one knows when we will get the best results. We have no research to know where to intervene. There’s a problem.” I’m worried about the morale of the health workers, don’t burn out. “

For his part George Herapetryt in an interview with r / s Thema he stated:

“If the phenomenon continues, we will not be able to repeal the measures on November 30, we hoped that the imprint of the general ban will be visible soon enough so that we can open society and the market.” Next week we will have a broader analysis of current data , but it looks like retail and catering are going a little later than planned. “

What areas are in the “red”

Recall that according to EODY cases in our country are distributed as follows:

  • 18 cases during an inspection conducted at the entrance to the country
  • 1 imported case that came voluntarily for testing
  • 382 affairs with Reg Attica
  • 606 cases in P.E. Thessaloniki
  • 58 cases in P.E. Ethoacarnania
  • 3 cases in P.E. From Arcadia
  • 8 cases in P.E. Art
  • 19 cases in P.E. From Achaia
  • 6 cases in P.E. Kiotiatias
  • 18 cases in P.E. Grevena
  • 55 cases in P.E. Drama
  • 27 cases in P.E. Euros
  • 6 cases in P.E. From Evia
  • 2 cases in P.E. Eurytania
  • 6 cases in P.E. From Elijah
  • 61 case in P.E. Imatia
  • 19 cases in P.E. Heraklion
  • 1 case in P.E. Thesprotia
  • 1 case in P.E. Time
  • 1 case in P.E. Icarus
  • 5 cases in P.E. Ioannina
  • 29 cases in P.E. Kavala
  • 45 cases in P.E. Karditsa
  • 4 cases in P.E. Kastoria
  • 9 cases in P.E. Corfu
  • 36 cases in P.E. Kilkis
  • 39 cases in P.E. Boilers
  • 5 cases in P.E. Corinth
  • 1 case in P.E. Laconia
  • 117 cases in P.E. From Larissa
  • 4 cases in P.E. Weasels
  • 70 cases in P.E. Lesbos
  • 40 cases in P.E. Magnesia
  • 14 cases in P.E. Messinia
  • 1 case in P.E. Mykonos
  • 93 cases in P.E. Xanthi
  • 140 cases in P.E. She sang
  • 60 cases in P.E. Pieria
  • 1 case in P.E. Rethymno
  • 15 cases in P.E. Rhodopes
  • 6 cases in P.E. Rhodes
  • 3 cases in P.E. Samos
  • 78 cases in P.E. Serres
  • 1 case in P.E. From Tynas
  • 36 cases in P.E. Tricked
  • 17 cases in P.E. Phthiotis
  • 44 cases in P.E. Florina
  • 6 cases in P.E. Coccidas
  • 53 cases in P.E. From Halkidiki
  • 15 cases in P.E. Chania
  • 26 cases are being investigated.

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