Samsung: Bet on 5 features of the Galaxy S10 to make a difference!


Significant changes in design and ability are expected to have a new generation of South-Vertical Colossus, Samsung Galaxy S10. This at least implies rumors and leaks that have been released to date. If proven accurate, we will see a massive increase in the Galaxy S10 series that will include new technology, next generation specifications, and modern designs.

So far, various international media have published their estimates of new cellphones. But let's look at the most important of them, which came from the recent developer conference.

There will be variations that support 5G

The biggest model, the Galaxy S10 Plus, can come in two variants, one of which will support 5G, according to a report from the XDA Developer based on information found in the forthcoming operational upgrade code prepared by the company …

Thus, a Bloomberg report says the Galaxy S10 will be compatible with Verizon's 5G network, but does not determine exactly which model.

The 5G network is another big bet for the smart phone industry, promising users ultra-fast speeds and fewer bottlenecks than the existing 4G LTE network.

So far, 5G network availability has been tested and is not supported by all providers. So even if the cell phone supports ultra-fast speeds, users won't be able to taste it if the provider doesn't offer it.

Fingerprint below the screen

The fingerprint scanner below the screen is the most intense feature of the new S10. So far, OnePlus 6T is the only US phone with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. On the old continent and on mainland China, we have seen similar technologies from Chinese manufacturers including Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei.

However, this technology is not sure to come to all devices that will be present in the company. According to Bloomberg, the internal fingerprint sensor will only be included in the two upcoming S10 models and not the third and most cost-effective model the company will offer.

Indeed, according to rumors, Samsung's fingerprint sensors use ultrasonic technology rather than optical technology such as OnePlus 6T, for better reliability and accuracy.

Rumors above are in line with analyst reports TF International Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo.

Major changes in design

According to the latest report Bloomberg the new phone will have an innovative design. Initially there was little space. To achieve this, it is rumored that the front camera will be "hidden" below the screen.

Many also argue that Samsung has found a way to hide the front camera below the screen, thus removing the notch, while others may be the point where the camera will be placed.

Three cameras on the back

The updated range cannot include a three-fold rear camera outside the dual front camera. This is supported both by The Bell and Bloomberg's latest reports, as well as by Blass.

According to The Bell the additional wide-angle rear lens will reach 16 megapixels, similar to the LG samrtphones wide-angle lens. This will be accompanied by a 12 megapixel optical zoom lens and a typical lens found on today's Samsung Galaxy S and Note models. The dual front lens can even allow self portrait mode.

Advanced face recognition system

Many people argue that Samsung's new line of mobile phones will have a three-dimensional face recognition system to unlock phones by paving the way for virtual emoji realities like Apple.

This also applies to The Investors, relying on Samsung's collaboration with Mantis Vision, a company that develops three-dimensional camera sensors.


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