Tuesday , August 3 2021

Vlahos: "We helped to return to Papastratio» – Sports – Polo – Olympiacos

Coach "red" emphasized that the people gave them a push, and that the future course of the match of Champions will be held in the leading senior European club competitions, were in a bad start, but believes that the second eight minutes, and then showed their real face.

Details: "One of the very positive that we returned to Papastratio. We went back "home" in the last days for training and in our first home game gave another boost. We always play very different from our world, and won very important.

I will use the statement made yesterday by Mr. Blatt. It was a game that can leave you far behind, if you do not win and not to allow the classifier, when the victory. We did not have a hard, but if you have not started well, there's always at the back of your mind that you have to find a way to "unstick" from bad performances, to return to your good self and take the victory, we need too.

Of course, at the beginning of our first two games we did lend stress. It was the first eight minutes, and then cast it out, and we were able to show our good yourself. Our efforts in three oktalepta reflects the image of the team and its capabilities. "

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