do you know anything about missing things?


Gy. Christians were killed for Soroksron. As expected, New Year's Eve ran jogging, grabbed it, then killed it. The frfit takes it in September, because the DNA sample is the same as the high point mint. His wife now says he has documented the sample badly, and this cannot be used with strange Bors.

New Year's Eve was taken for a senior gynecologist when he discovered that his DNA pattern was the same as that of Soroksri's killer. His wife said that he had received all official police records. He is interested in that DNS trackers have almost no documentation. He said he must go to strict rules, because this might be the cause of Bors.

Forrs: Bors / Fejr Blint

Material debris is removed from hemogenetic specialists, and extractors must be recorded. If this does not occur, the DNA test results must be held by the testimony. I am a rabbit. As soon as he gets better, he goes out to that place, but he doesn't tell "Lichy Jzsef said, New Year's Eve.

As we said before, Krisztina Gy & # 39; s starting snoozing activities on September 25, 2013, but she never returned home.

They were brutally killed and killed.

In September, he managed to catch the killer, New Year's Eve, who had filed a lawsuit. The frfi then tends. New Year's Eve makes no statements but does not complain about suspects too.


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