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Even after 20 years of the best psychedelic drug


Reality car simulation, which is sucked out of us, breathtaking slowing, cool leather jackets, and some of the red capsule, after which everything changes. 20 years matrixIt all bevéste philosophy itself with the & # 39 is a strange and spectacular world of pop culture.

The filmmakers were in the 70s (Take off from the Wild West) And 80 years (Terminator – Death Dealer) Or & # 39 is riogattak artificial intelligence, but the vision is still megmosolyogtatónak and seemed to be quite far from the complexity level. But in the 90 years before the unprecedented scale of the technology, the creation of the Internet and created more and more intelligent robots. MI Terror suddenly did not seem so impossible. In addition, robots Defeat not an open war with humanity: our consciousness excludes the virtual space. If you look around today, by tram, where one can poke your phone, you'll find that Morpheus was right: we are really dependent on the Matrix.

matrix – and others that a & # 39 are in the same year, existential and 13 floor – they showed a great Internet and VR-dawn era as it will go, when more and more overwhelmed by reality, by computers. but the Wachowski brothers Sister film also drew attention to the problem, which has long been enormous. As people who live in the Matrix, so we do not see the real reality. We all Mr. Anderson. We work all day in the office, we buy, we pay taxes and obey the head of the power-down, but it's supposed to be busy much longer life.

"Free your mind!" – says Morpheus. Matrix encourages calibrate ourselves and explore our environment. We recognize that happened with the world! And if that happens, we can try to change things. Neo, seeing the false from the external world in which he lived for a long time, so forward to cancel the rule, bounce house tower tower of the church, and turns in front of a bullet gun. He can do this because they believe that to achieve success. By faith, everything is possible, he says in the film. This can be seen in all these that the modern history of several religious and philosophical thought in the Christian doctrine Sunday, Buddhism (the knowledge of the truth, awakened people), but ancient mythology are also represented: just think of Morpheus, which the ancient Greeks the god of dreams, where he was awakened people from sleep.

matrix But he worked not only in the brain but the eyes, because we are talking about more points the movie (yes, twenty years ago, this spectacular Hollywood movies came and went). very naturalistic representation Matrix Empire old PC quotation, green color scheme and "the functioning of the human incubators actually bumped into us, but the biggest impact is likely to & # 39 is great, but the failure of a martial arts film scene practiced on us. However, it is known to crash on the continuity errors, but they do not prick the eyes while driving, since the fight against the fall of the stand. Wrestling – thanks to the excellent choreography and sound cinematic work – rich in detail, creative and truly spectacular, well visible. Yes, and those cool, slowing down is always used for good weather & # 39; I! Of course, not to mention Matrix Bullet Time was, but the growth of the first peak of the running is done in the public consciousness.

Actors also plays a big role in the success of the film. leather jacket by Laurence Fishburne role of a wise mentor also good, Carrie-Anne Moss, that I went to a party, and Keanu Reeves – who not only akcióeposza, since there John Wick also – brilliant for the chosen role, playing no means unique charisma and the ability to convince the viewer that stands above all. Once the program is really breaks my life and feel like to take a human form, I can imagine, smoothly, it would take just a monstrous image of the form itself: tetszelgő However, the role of the antagonist X & # 39; Southern Weaving largest decipher.

matrix Over the past two decades, perhaps the most influential Hollywood movie. disassembled endless debate "possible, so that we can live in an artificial world?" on the issue, conspiracy theories, served as a breeding ground, as the "error in the matrix," a term used to this day, if you feel some confusion in our midst. These characters can not pass cool sunglasses, leather jacket and threw phones, everyone wanted to see this stuff, and still selling tons of them on eBay. Wachowskiék work had a great impact on the world of the film: the relationship of reality and fiction, Christopher Nolan has also played with sourceIn the film, the scene spectacular slowdown in Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) Integrated full car & # 39; EPA.

matrix Special artificial, because it contains a lot more ideas about how a typical western, incredibly your will is in the field of view is a pity that the continuation of the ability to competently formation replace Fortune Posts cookies, and even when we got a few highlights of the actions of the trilogy they have lost them through imagination. Wachowski brother later, of course, turned out to be directors: none cloud Atlasor Jupiter Ascending He did not disperse. matrix However, the eternal, intelligent and interesting example of a blockbuster textbook. Kind of movies these days have much more.

(Adam Szente)

The Matrix. American science fiction adventure. 136 min 1999 Rating: 10 points 10 Raptor leather jacket.

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