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George Clooney talked about his new film in an interview when he suddenly muttered

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George Clooney seems to draw inspiration for his films in political news, at least that’s what he hinted at in an interview when talking about his latest film. The actor and director talks about the most memorable roles in his career in an interview on the youtube channel of GQ magazine, and finally mentions the film “Midnight Sky”, the director and protagonist of which he is also. And here Orban appeared in the picture. Meg Bolsanara.

The film, which will basically be released on Netflix in late December, is a somewhat post-apocalyptic science fiction in which Clooney plays a single scientist at the North Pole and should warn a team of astronauts about something very catastrophic. All this will happen in the not so distant future, in 2049. At the end of the interview (30 minutes later) Clooney tells about it the mood of the film was determined by how much anger and hatred all the people around the world felt, “look at Bolsonar in Brazil or Orbán in Hungary,”According to him, if this characterizes our world now, in 30 years it could easily lead to a world in which a film takes place (which is known not so much as known because the film has not yet been released, but probably not very good).

Clooney and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, often express themselves in political matters and shout about what can be called liberal. Earlier, the actor launched a campaign to find out who got rich from the armed conflict in Africa, and his wife welcomed Iraqi refugees to her home and provided more support for protests in the US in 2018 demanding tighter gun control.

If the country is waiting for anti-epidemic measures, the government gives priority to the embodiment of its own power. Legalization of the theft of thousands of billions of public property, ideological war against sexual minorities, many changes in the electoral legislation to prevent opposition cooperation … and there will be more ideas. In the spring, on the day the emergency was imposed, the Index was busy. What’s next? Keep the free press as long as possible!
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