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Index – Culture – As if belehamuztak banks. But delicious!


Large breweries have long understood that you can click izgalmasabbakat makes the most of his craft söreiknél brandy distillery only if you just copy them, and then sell the end result of a lot cheaper. Most large LVZA for many years trying to create a wooden iron rings and not handicrafts, large-scale artisanal beers in terrible in any between and, but it was a brand that has become more popular than others: in Sopron IPA (India Pale Ale) . Perhaps simply because beer is actually very similar to what is called the IPA, and not only read dozens of tasteless beer label overbearing fake subtitles.

Sun Sopron tendons no longer attempted brown brand version, then Arroyo (American Pale Ale), much less noisy success. And now, apparently timed to fly in the next update to the more conservative families gambler: sour ale. As a result, however, once again, to put it mildly, a controversial, especially because now, perhaps even IPA to cut more wood axes in Sopron: hard to find a person who is not a & # 39 is the genre of the Belgian fruit beer benchmark resembles reflex cherry beer and not too big a spoiler to tell you right now that he is afraid, is too far from the final result.

Fruits sörökről pretty much all you need to know that they will be very good, if not mixed with syrup or flavors to the beer, the share HOWDY, but as "more real" fruits ripen from a very early stage of the fermentation process along with the beer. it is the fact that the bat is hard to believe in this sour ale is available, and the official information that something like a promise, though suspiciously vague: "the fruit concentrate was slightly before fermentation" is beer – so that it can be interpreted in good faith in a less in good faith, as well. For m Yana personally, after tasting a little bit, to be honest it is difficult for me, because this beer is completely separated in three versions: for beer, which, unfortunately, no less felt Gale, too sweet, cukorszirupos memories quote fruity flavor, and then the worst, unnatural, bitter taste, which destroys it all.

But the editor in power tried several of the new beer, and not so strict as I am, but for me the best description of my colleague Richard Hegyeshalmi as what he caresses while hitting well.

It is used as a cast meggyszörp Beer Mug, where someone accidentally fell into the ashes, but good. That is, if túltesszük myself on the fact that, despite the alcohol content of four percent felt quite refreshing.

Martin also double Carpathian senses, especially if we add that some of our colleagues did not also wrong on the label of the box, because the Belgians really fruit beer made from the 1600s:

"Archaeologists have shown that the fruit has been sold for several thousand years before our era, people in turn. But the real innovators were the Belgians, who cooked cherry beer from 1930 year ", – written in Sopron, cherry box, and it immediately explains that Belgian sour beers, why so much the better. Sopron version of sweet, bitter mellékízzel, which is fully accessible for extremely fragrant, mostly bitter drink but bitter to hang out here. The lack of harmony on. However, I can imagine you rákívánok summer evening, and registration will be available, as well as the Belgian cherry.

According to Barbara Thüringer hand it does not hurt to be cautious Carpathian Marcy when rákíván summer:

Nice try, but still very far from the Belgian meggysöröktől. In addition, it is difficult, because it is just bitter szörpíze, 4% beer itself, so that if someone pull off a few boxes with the summer heat can be a sudden headache.

Video columnist Peter Szabo, Poland is not as permissive:

I really like Sopron IPA corrected and-up also & # 39; m good with, but it does not really hit me once too sour and too sweet. Similarly, as the acidic resin which gumicukorban surprising, but the beer was not so lucky.

Ildikó exchange of bitter disappointment, even a cherry beer:

I'm not a beer at all, but if the delirium in Brussels for the first time in my life I've been drinking cherry beer, I realized that beer can be delicious too. I was not feeling than yesterday, but the dominant flavor of syrup, which I hate anyway.

Fatal blow, however, Gabor retreated NO affection, nor grace, but harsh sentence:

If it was a blind test, he did not even mind that it was a beer. Mine is not almost entirely of carbon dioxide, and I could not of flavors you usually like Belgian beer sour submitted to remember. I could not understand it all, 0/10, forget about it, thank you.

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