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Index – Culture – Deadlock Bizkit on campus hit the face


Jacksonville, Florida. One million inhabitants. And the spread of the city, at least in Florida, this is the place in the United States, which is identified with methamphetamine, a large number of people living with the help of aid, popcorn and jaguars, losers football. Fly to. Hence, Limp Bizkit began in the nineties, is very good and at a good pace, allegedly due to the fact that members of Karna, which have already been successful at the time, wore something in the tattoo parlor Fred Darst, Fred gave them a tape, we played with friends.

Since 1994, producers bite all the music they could sing numetalnyya, ie rap, prog, funk, hardcore punk, punk rock, dance, new wave, jazz, post-punk or sinapop with death metal, rap metal, groove, funk-metal or thrash metal in 1997 and released their first album, the second – in 1999, the second – in 2000 – chocolate stars and aroma with the scent of hot dogs (only eight million sold in the US goods)

after which they did not do anything effective in the burnt world

because the album in 2003 and 2011, nothing in the life of an active group. Despite the fact that Behind Blue Eyes was on the material in 2003, critics have begun, with 1.3 million copies were sold, and, so to say, a horseshoe. On Records 2011 200 000 we were nowhere in the world, but were born in another age, in streaming mode.

It was pressed (if all true)

Make & # 39; Em Clap to this

Thieves (Ministry Cover)

my generation

Livin & # 39; It Up

Rollin & # 39; (aviation vehicles)

Hot dog

gold cobra


full Nelson

my way

break things

Behind blue eyes (Who covers)

Take a look around

Thus, this group is still living on the table until 19 years ago, as if the singer Fred Durst, guitarist Wes Borland, drummer John Otto, bassist Sam Ryversa and DJ Letts, who & # 39 is a group Cintula. And this is a very pleasant state, because if we rely solely on, it appears that, apart from small slips (2002, 2005-2008, 2017), and regardless of a & # 39; appearance of new discs or new songs, Limp still with the & # 39 is a benchmark in rapmetal today. Bizkit is effective since 1996, and it is on average 45 times a year since 2000. And yesterday, when I look at the last party that was in the rain, I can see why.

This, please, was one of the most popular bands that I've ever seen.

Hacking is considered to word of mouth, with plenty of effort, creativity, and without pleasure, the normal procedure, and simply for the money. Therefore, the orchestra took everything yesterday. They played only songs outside of Gold Cobra, written before 2000; on the stage there was nothing that visually support the show (except for Wes the Borland, which is a & # 39 is a diaper) – sportsman, home coat, socks, shoes, a set of cowboy mask and paint on her face, mounted to the public, nothing more) ; Fred vain sixty times talked about how all of crustaceans were present in the audience, as far as he was present as a spoken language; Nothing was added to the list, I would have raised eyebrows; and at least twenty-five minutes from seminutnay parties participated in activities that were not closely related to the music, understand: chewing, creating audience off DJ Lethal and of habits.

However, there was an almost ideal sound system

– On the stage of the Campus there are many good things that, in addition to the forty percent capacity, only for the surrounding area and the rest of the festival – it was proportionate and beautiful, each instrument can be heard online vote beat his teeth. Her stomach pleasantly struck her, and not even very bothered that she had rarely sing, not repitse Fred hoped for twin sister named Freddy sampler, and not on his own voice. Happiness Limp Bizkit is that it is not too complicated, slow construction, and then to & # 39; yanyya Var & # 39; yaty tracks can not be moved, and if we have such an ancient, we carry something in our genes, energy which flows to the stage with the audience standing waves can nicely sit on it and ride it.

Sakkr not interested in the twenty thousand spectators as the rain fell from the third amount.

– Recognized DJ Lethal Prince Purple Rainy – fifteen thousand smoothly left until the end of the party, and shouted that Rollinrollinrollinand My way or the highwayand I know why you wanna hate me, Durst clicked on the same baseball cap Yankees, gloves, fishing hat, as if he was in a red baseball bag and warmed up coat walked into the audience and pulled it lyrics, and another tip for the audience: sweat sweat, kids, children, chamomile, I, the trees in Debrecen, As a drummer, and the drummer, or extraterrestrial talent, guitarist Wes Borlend that yesterday with the slightly restrained bass Rivers brought a short but flawless concert at the gazebo on Nagerde balance. Never worse.

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