Index – Meanwhile – Just because we see our dog well doesn't mean he's really hungry


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You are looking for the most prosperous dwarf in the country, Ebi. The four-year-old dwarf was placed in the Carnivore Animal Protection Association for nearly twenty kilograms, Blikk wrote.

He lived with an old aunt until the woman's death. Maybe the woman can't refuse the dog, she thinks she's always hungry

"said a temporary adviser, Bea, who said normal sized dolls should be 8 kilos.

The most similar to small mushrooms are now sold with special physiotherapy. Within a month, he was able to get rid of five kilos, which could make a dog organization very useful.

Just because you see us or look after our dog, that doesn't mean you're really hungry. Maybe we think it's good for him to feed him, even though we can cause serious problems for the animal

Bea said.

Ebit is only given to animal owners who agree to continue consuming dogs.


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