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Men's Water Polo BL: loss of FTC, and Szolnok

Men's Water Polo Champions League group stage field of FLC in the third group visited the Pro Recco Solnka, involved in B-pitcher Dubrovnik in the house, and both the Hungarian team won.

Pro Rekk (Italy) -FTC-Telecom Waterpolo 9-6
(1-2, 2-1, 3-2, 3-1)

FTC fought the tax rank one day Italian Pro Rekk home, and despite the difficulties, started the match well. Although the three-time Olympic champion did not travel with the team because the player Denes Varga and Slobodan Nikics injury Sztefan Mitrovics, green-and-white still won the first quarter 2-1. However, the second one only lost, for example, 3-3-mal big break could go to a party.

The third period, and together with the Italians, after each shot, to score goals – Alessandro Velotto, Filip Filipovics and Fulvio Di Francesco also killed, while the Hungarian side only Jansik Solid effective.

The last quarter was home advantage 6-5 series to the party, but Zsolt Varga coached Franciscans townspeople did not find effective protection Italians play hardening for the home team threw in their three góljukat in the 8th minute, you just said Martin Vamos. Rekk 9-6 to win the meet and keep his undefeated.

Jug Dubrovnik (Croatia) 8-7 Dózsa -Szolnoki
(3-1, 1-3, 2-3, 2-0)

Szekesfehervar not prevent the problem (injury) as the FTC, however, he began a heavy tax Group B rating to Jug Dubrovnik at home. Already two goals were at a disadvantage in the first quarter, he managed to turn the second ledolgoznia, which will be released in the first half of the four-Szolnok gólból and three private companies, as well as play Zalánki Gergő (4-4).

Zsivko Gocics neither team pulled a towel to jump and disadvantaged people with a good defensive attack was also effective, winning 3-2 in the third quarter. However, in the last eight minutes, he was very much with a pitcher, and – after Bence Bátori kipontozódott – turned the match in two and a half minutes before the end, which he won 8-7 away.

Men's Water Polo
Champions League
Group stage,
On Rekk (Italian) -FTC-Telecom Waterpolo 9-6 (1-2, 2-1, 3-2, 3-1)
Sori. In:
Rakovics (Serb), Teixido (Spanish)
Bijać – Yes Fulvio 2, Mandics, Bukic, Malin, Velotte 1, Aicardi 1, 2 Echenique, Figaro, Filipovics 1, 2 IVOVICS, Kayes. coach: Ratko Rudic
FTC: Vogel SOMA – W Jansen. 2, 1, Jr., Jaksics, Site 1, 2 VAMOS, Sedlmayr. replacement: Germany, Great Britain Gór, Kallay, Pohl. coach: Zsolt Varga
Goals – one advantage: 9-2, respectively. 10.3
Goals – a double benefit: 1/0, respectively. –
Goals – a five-meter strip with: 1/1, respectively. –
Exposed (permanently deleted): Jaksics (32 p.), Aicardi (32 p).

Ratko Rudic: – we had a balanced match, we knew that Ferencváros missing some key players that we were going anyway. We started in full swing, and our attack is not from the & # 39 is an efficient way, but during the match we have become more and more accurate. I'm glad I scored nine points.
Zsolt Varga: – I am satisfied overall, Shawn Vogel well protected, can hardly notice three suburbs that are missing several key players. I'm happy about it, because some people have taken their jobs and it shows that it is possible in a team. However, despite the fact that we played well, three points to stay here, but this rematch will be a different story.

Jug Dubrovnik (Croatia) -Szolnoki Dózsa 8-7 (3-1, 1-3, 2-3, 2-0)

Dubrovnik. In: Naumov (Russia), Koryzna (Polish)
Popadic – Macao, Fatovic 1, 1 Loncar, Jokovic 1, Garcia Gade Lozin, Merkulov 2, Žuvela, Krzic, Benic 1, Papanasztasziu second coach: Vjekoslav Kobeskak
Szeged: V HIGH – Bátori 2, Prlainovics 1, angel Jansik DM Alekszics 1, Zalánki third replacement: G. Small, V Rasovics, Lazics, telecom Szatmari. coach: Zsivko Gocics
Goals – one advantage: 14/4 respectively. 05/08
Kipontozódott: Bátori (29 p).

Vjekoslav Kobeskak: – Viktor Nagy well protected, which significantly complicated. Minimum difference between the teams meant that we could also approach the end up the pace of games. The audience had a significant role in the victory, to support greater accountability sprint.
Zsivko Gocics: – it was a balanced match, eldőlhetett benefit of any party, unfortunately, this time, not that it was decided in our favor. Of course, not happy with the defeat, but the team struggled with pride, and brought himself to the maximum. We competed in the first minute to the last, all my players are motivated, and this in spite of the result, it was nice to see.

Other results
Dynamo Moscow (Russia) -CNA Barceloneta (Spain) 12-13
Brescia (Italy) -Crvena Star (Serbia) 7-2
ZF Eger Steaua (Romanian) 13-9

first Barceloneta 3 3 39-22 9
second Pro Rekk 3 3 35-18 9
third FTC 3 2 1 28-21 6
fourth Brescia 3 2 1 23-16 6
fourth Eger 3 2 1 32-31 6
sixth Dynamo Moscow 3 3 28-38 0
seventh Steaua 3 3 20-30 0
eighth Crvena Zvezda 3 3 9-38 0

group B
Olympiacos (Greece) -Spandau 04 (German) 11-4
Wasp Hannover (Germany) -BPM Sport Management (Italian) 10-11
Jadran Split (Croatia) -Mladost Zagreb (Croatia) 10-12

first pitcher Dubrovnik 3 3 28-19 9
second busto Arsizio 3 3 25-21 9
third Mladost Zagreb 3 2 1 32-28 7
fourth Olympiacos 3 1 1 1 26-20 4
fifth Szeged 3 1 2 22-24 3
sixth Hanover 3 2 1 30-31 2
seventh split 3 3 25-35 years 0
eighth Spandau 3 3 17-27 0

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