Swim: Five other members in the Hungarian Hall of Fame


Hungarian swimming sports are celebrated in Százhalombatta: the other five were chosen for the Hall of Fame.

Jenő János Knézy (with his late father, left), Valéria Gyenge, Éva Risztov, and Csaba Sós on stage (Photo by Hédi Tumbász)

"Today in the present and future years celebrate the past"Wladár Sándor, The president of the Hungarian Swimming Association, champion of the 1980 Mosaic Olympics, described the day in which the Hungarian swimming pool was celebrated for the sixth time together.

Again, in Százhalombatta.

The city has hosted national championships for short distances for years and since 2013 there have been major events for swimmers, the Hall of Fame's birthday celebration hall, except for last year, was held in conjunction with the 110th anniversary of the Hungarian Swimming Association. ceremony. There are many examples here, successful athletes and coaches who have succeeded in success, and they are just a celebration day, because this is an opportunity for informal conversations with swimmers, masters, and old rivals.

Tamás Darnyi, József Szabó and nesgnes Kovács also saw Olympic champions in the room, of course offstage, as did the other five winners: Sándor Wladár, Valéria Gyenge and Éva Risztov, who have been members of the Hall of Fame since November 2018.

Like the Dora Paralympic Champion of Dora Pásztory: the previous excellence that began in Pécs, now in London, came with technological assistance and thanked him for being the first paraglider to join a prestigious company. Csaba Sós, the captain of the day, spent most of his time in the pool, wearing celebration clothes for the night – without accidents: he became immortal. As posthumous media representatives – Jenő Knézy became a sports reporter for the Hall of Fame.

This ceremony naturally also allows viewers to calculate the success of this year – the film can rely on many gold medals at this time, so many of the guests mentioned it: "The past is bright, the present is bright, the future is bright."


Alfréd Hajós
Tamás Széchy
Hargitay András
Tamás Darnyi
Krisztina Egerszegi
Laszlo Kiss

Szőke Kató
Éva Székely
Wladár Sándor
Norbert Rózsa
Czene Attila
Imre sárosi
Tamás Vitray (media)

György Tumpek
Ilona Novák
Andrea Colony
Zoltán Verrasztó
Károly Güttler
Sándor Széles
Gergely Csurka (media)

Mary Littomeritzky
Vermes in Albanian
Tünde Szabó
Turi György
Ákos Tóth
Zoltán Novotny (media)

Ferenc Csik
Éva Novák
Nesgnes Kovács
Ferenc Kovácshegyi
László Török (media)

Poor Valery
Dora Pásztory
Éva Risztov
Csaba Sós
Jenő Knézy (media)


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