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Why zaklopvav Ryvast –


07.21.2019 12:55:54 /

On Saturday evening at a gala boxing match in London local Dyliyan White and Colombian Oscar Riva have been strained, and the rate was a temporary title for the interim WBC heavyweight world championship. After the first treadmill events arose because the White hit an opponent head right in the second act. Riva, who moved so far survived the critical minutes without floor and has been in the game in the second stage of the scene. Then the meeting took place in a relatively quiet bed (first two fools are focusing on security), and the script, it seemed, drove White into the water. At the beginning of the 9th Act, he sent his English opponent from virtually anywhere on the floor Rivas, expect heavy seconds, but survived in this period, and on the 10th stage of the O2 Arena audience could see the match, which was already uravnovleny. In the last minutes, it seemed, White was able to work more closely again, and he also persuaded the scorers, who unanimously 115-112, 115-112, 116-111 have seen it as best that he could officially make green WBC belt. also it became complicated status.

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@ RickC137: I think that the virtue of stability hirhirha all say, but I am surprised that a better chin than AJ, Wild, Fury 3as, b & # 39; e blows. I've seen a lot of games, when he got a clean hit and no other vibration was not. White also rose smoothly because that Chyza NOT prysvyadomiv.

07.21.2019 10:12:19

@ Mr.boxer: I have a Parker, but I stole it, I guess I never thought he was a fighter category A. The second and even trunks, not sure that they will be the leaders. foul see Takam or Whyte matches. Chiso more complex and hard, which I do not think he will, but I hope that we will see. For example, Parker may still be young and surprise.

7/21/2019 9:51:12

@ Mr.boxer: Six I think it will be long before you will be boxed on Whyte vb, when Fury is not down or does not report a match Wilder.

Ruiz revolves around. I would not have thought he would be & # 39; e AJ. And now I think that with such a box, like Joshua, he could destroy Ruiz in the first rounds, and he would like to do the same in the last rounds, when succeed.
But there are a lot of de. We do not know how to handle AJ blood in the head. And it was buno, who threw the carpet under the AJ. He constantly took their children best, and Ruiz did not stay on the sidelines, but is generated by the back. However, if AJ returns to kozelharc, it will not be more likely. From that moment on, run right and a lot of moving, you need to get up. Because, if not, Ruiz hit you again.

7/21/2019 9:51:01

@noonecanbeatme: Unique index Whyte. C 2-3 rounds we could not give more Rivas.

7/21/2019 9:32:51

@Slajos: Yes, time is saved by White. The rest of the games in AJ were really tactical, and it would be nice to know who will receive this year for sure, but next year is not given an opportunity to thieves, if a maximum random Joshua vomit Ruit in retreat, they will be in the spring. h ruiz we will remember this year, for example, at Christmas

7/21/2019 9:29:36

Now I saw the Wild and Ruiz stumble along with Fox, losing a chance that by February next year, no one will have the belts and how they would take in silver White at the time.

7/21/2019 9:26:31

@ Mr.boxer: Joe, only six people there was 40 of March. You have to finish before the match did not last. Previously, Parker would have to pass the two subjects, but he did not, and I do not think he wanted to.
Rage – this is the real situation, because the evaluate Allt Wilder against the 12th round and 2-lute. So he could give him a match with more of & # 39 objective number. At best, Parker did not take more than four rounds. It was a culmination of the opening win, but he could end it for all time.

7/21/2019 9:25:48

@ RickC137: Well, I do not want to get fired Chyza? Maybe he will start with Chyza de Parker, and then it will be the second time to release as the White. Other levels.

7/21/2019 9:23:28

I think Parker can go against Derek. In Parker, I can not see half a larger fire than in English. When I noticed why all she can do to win someone here, it is simply a bitch.
Or wins or loses, and Parker was very race that night, just in English.

7/21/2019 9:17:02

Have I not seen the match, if I could give him a kind of Wight?

7/21/2019 9:14:48

@Slajos: I had a 40mp, because Fury does not win against the Wild.

7/21/2019 8:58:56

@ Mr.boxer: ".. Since Fury beat Uayldeta Parker Waite beat in vain to say that mecshu develops Mekseku, well, if there 40mp Parker knocked out."

Parker spent the last three rounds against White, but he did not do it in eight rounds before, but he was hit by 2x. However, he has never won a match.

7/21/2019 8:56:00

Since Fury defeated Uayldeta, Parker is also vain beat White in saying that it develops from Mecca to mace. Well, when the 40 miles in a minute, then Parker knocks him out. He seems to have clocked a lot more than a few years ago, probably pulled my canopy against ortiz, but he wins there, Wilder could knock as Joshua and the Fury is not. Who faces Quintana, but this year it should reach 1 match. I think we should rather look at the autumn Chisora-Parker, although Parker to & # 39; e it smoothly, but it could be a match.

7/21/2019 8:38:02

@ Phenomenon: White wrong because he could sign the contract against the AJ, if he wanted to, and now the belts are in the Knowledge Hub, the WBC, is believed to oblige Wilder, but only after the game Fury, so if Fury wins, who knows, that it will be in vain it may be another retrograde words in white can be a chance for a title match next year …

7/21/2019 2:06:44

@ Jersey Joe: I do not know how much it bothers him or not (I think he beat both), but the record was made.

7/21/2019 1:41:12

@Sarkozi Robert: Why do you have a phobia, or is a supporter Deontay? Everywhere you read, as you do. I, too, there is no pain, but you might get dirty enough to be a pipe. Szuszáááá

7/21/2019 1:24:05

@ Phenomenon: Really lost two persons (Povetkin, Ortys), which was beaten at the age of 39 years.

Especially Ortiz unnoticed last year.

Nevertheless, White – a real sport fighter his whole personality is created for it, its structure seems zaklepanaya.
Despite the technical weakness of the bank for his important

7/21/2019 1:23:36

@NilsHolgerson: It would be if you would have disappeared from the colors, all the stupid advice. Wilder – it's not the heart of my heart, but I sincerely hope that they will meet with me before, because I do not want to hear about a lot of Wight.

7/21/2019 1:20:19

@gigaboly: So White is not present, and no one would have suffered if he had wanted to be a vibration. Strictly working on it. Amugi learn with others.

7/21/2019 1:16:40

As the English say, Literally Dylian Shyt …. Hope Wilder Wilder will match human Shito prize …. KO.

7/21/2019 1:14:48

White has once again proved that he had no place at the forefront;

7/21/2019 1:09:03

@NilsHolgerson: And they still stagnating during the mediation, which was your background 🙂

7/21/2019 1:08:33

This biased and pulsatsyynaya work commentator was last heard in the Gala of the universe during the time of the dry …

7/21/2019 1:03:18

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