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Launch of Chandrayaan-2: How Isro created an artificial moon's surface to check rover


The Indian space agency put the hard work in the field, so that its lunar mission – Vikram – could safely disposed of land and rover – Prayagyan – can move, said a senior official.

. "The surface of the Earth and the Moon's surface are completely different So we had to create an artificial lunar surface and check out our rovers and landing", – said M. Annaduray, who served as director of VG Neighborhood Satellite Center (URSC), previously ISRO Satellite Center told IANS.

Moon cratered surface, stones and dust, soil and it has a different texture compared with the lands.

Annaduray said that before the flight should be checked chain legs and wheels of the rover.

Despite the fact that the dinner with moonlight known to people, the Indian space agency creates an environment for testing the rover.

Imports of the lunar soil, as the substance of the United States, was a costly affair, and ISRO is looking for a local solution, as its demand is about 60/70 tons of soil.

Many geologists said ISRO, that about Salem in Tamil Nadu were "anartozitnyya" breed, which would be similar to the characteristics of the lunar soil, or regolith.

ISRO completed to take "anartozitavyya" breed of villages and Sitampoundi Kunnamalai in Tamil Nadu for the lunar soil.

According to Annadurai, the rocks have been broken down to size and transferred to Bengalyur where it is testing facility Lunar territory and set up a test site.

"Initially, for these purposes has been allocated a budget amounting to 25 rupees, but it declined sharply because service providers do not charge us," – said Annaduray.

Artificial lighting has also been created to resemble the solar environment on the moon.

"Initially, the rover has a configuration with four wheels, but after the experiments we went six laps to give it more stability have been some changes in the size of the wheels.." – reminded Annaduray.

According to him, the increase in weight of rover used geliynyya balloons to simulate lunar gravity less than that of the Earth.

Annaduray noted that the compatibility of the communication with the motor boat was held at HAL company.

To check pasadachnika on the territory of ISRO to Challakere in Chitradurga District of Karnataka test bed has been created.

On Challakere were created artificial lunar craters Similar to portion where Vikkru planted.

Before the beginning of a "soft landing" Vikram sensors check with & # 39 is the land safe for landing. Even after landing, when the terrain is not suitable, the planting will rise and live on a neighboring site.

"We put sensors into a small plane belonging to the NRSC (National Center for Remote Sensing), and several times flew on a test bed to check the sensors can be correctly read the terrain" – Annaduray said.

Other space agencies also provide such local institutions to check their equipment, so that when the landing is really landed on the moon, it will not drop.

According to him, planting drives have been tested in the middle of ISRA in Mahendragiry and engines were tested.

Durability landing legs was checked in two ways: a drop of engine calibration and landing engines. He also added that the legs have to absorb the landing.

planting process is divided into "rough braking" and "thin braking".

Vikram descent trajectory should take into account the changes in the local gravity. Next the landing site, terrain features should not lead to a connection area of ​​the shadow.

Next problem – is moondust. Moon cratered surface, stones and dust. When exposed Inboard close to the surface, backflow of hot gas and small discs can occur, a hard / prickly / toothed dust.

Its negative charge causes it to follow most surfaces, which causes violation of the deployment mechanisms of solar panels and sensor performance.

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