This Great Geothermal Flux is Now Melting the Three Pole Size of London's South Pole Region


This Great Geothermal Flux is Now Melting the Three Pole Size of London's South Pole Region

Henrik Thorburn – CC BY 3.0

We are pretty sure this is how prequel is Thing start … And it works not end well for humans (or dogs) involved. The IFL Science reports that scientists studying the Antarctic Ice Sheet at the South Pole have discovered a "hotspot" that has caused a large part of the sheet to sag.

Published in a scientific report and led by researchers with the British Antarctic Survey, this study uses radar data to look far below the surface of the ice sheet. The "geothermal anomaly flux" revealed by data affecting an area of ​​about 62 miles long and 32 miles wide that still seems to melt, although scientists say that losing Antarctica in the near future is not a concern. The cause of this melting is believed to be a combination of radioactive rock and hot water originating from bedrock far below the ice.

Image credit: British Antarctic Survey / Tom Jordan

"This is a very interesting project, exploring one area that is really not surveyed on our planet," said lead author Dr. Tom Jordan in a statement. "Our results are quite unexpected, because many people think the Antarctic region is made of ancient and cold rocks, which have little impact on the ice sheet above. We show that even in the ancient continent's interior, the underlying geology can have a significant impact on ice."

The hotspot may have been there for thousands or even millions of years, and scientists say that it might not be the only one. "We conclude that local geothermal flux anomalies can be wider in East Antarctica," the authors of the study published. "Assessing their influence on subglacial hydrology and ice sheet dynamics requires new detailed geophysical observations, especially in prospective regions for drilling ice cores in and at the beginning of the main ice stream."

If it's not The Thing, maybe it's one of the deep sea portals that Kaiju crawled out of? Maybe, instead of Space Force, we have to get it Pacific Rim Jaeger's program starts … Just in case.

Image Credit: Henrik Thorburn – CC BY 3.0


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