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Yoga Adityanat shootout victims


Yogi Aditya & # 39; yanat visited Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, where 10 people were killed in a shootout (file)

New Delhi:

Today, this week, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yoga Adityanat met with seven & # 39; 10 tribal families of farmers who died in a shootout in the village Ubba Sonbhadra district in the area, and promised that his government "will help them in every possible way." Prem & # 39; er minister, the visit which took place in the period of the death of the political struggle to the death, also said that "to take tough action against those who tried to steal the land."

On Wednesday, 10 people were killed and more than 24 were injured when the chief of the village Yagya Dutt and his associates fired at a group of farmers who refused to give up 36 acres of land, which they have been for generations for many generations.

Witnesses said that at that time Yaga Dutt brought about 32 people to 32 tractor for land grabbing. Over 30 minutes, they shot in the tribe in one of the coldest of cases that took place in the country recently.

"Strict measures will be taken against those who tried to steal the land of the Government will help you in every possible way.", – said the head of the minister. He also announced the creation of the police in the area to prevent further attacks.

Yoga Adityanat also advised seven & # 39; pits the victims to send their children to Anganvady (rural centers for child care).

Many of the victims of the skirmish demanded money and land as compensation, as well as the death penalty guilty, reports news agency ANI.

"We will demand 10 billion rupees and 10 on land bigii for the relatives of those who died in the shooting, and 7 – 6 rupees and six land for the victims," ​​- said Chota Rubin, who suffered as a result of the shot.

"We will demand the death penalty led the village" – added Indra Kumar, who suffered from fire.

The incident caused the activists attack on the BJP government in the state, and the opposition accused him of trying to protect the accused. On Saturday, the government hit the Congress party "Baguzhan Samazh Mayavi", "Left" and "Congress Trynimule".

Despite the fact that the leader of the opposition Congress Pryyanki Wadi Gandhi government and the UN ended on Saturday, a day after she was arrested on a trip to Sonbhadra district, stopped at the airport in Varanasi new confrontation.

Finally, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra met with village – in a guest house in Mirzapurskim district on Saturday, saying that "I will be back."

Until now, for the massacre of 24 people were arrested. A total of 78 people have been before & # 39; revealed by the prosecution, including Yagya Dutt and his brother.

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