Age is 15 years from Muzdalifah, her new lover does not care about her social status


BANGKAPOS.COM – Long time no heard, the ex-wife of Nassar's sworddut was already holding a new lover.

The lover of this 40-year-old woman is a young man whose age reaches 15 years.

Islamic Fadel, the man who made Muzdalifah fall in love is known to be 25 years old.

Apparently, his decision to establish love with Muzdalifah had the chance to bring up 'bad' news around him.

Even so, Fadel did not care about the news concerning the social status of him and Muzdalifah, given the widow's five children were wealthy entrepreneurs.

"If we troubleshoot status issues it won't be endless right?

Yes, we have put everything aside, we are just walking, "Fadel said, launching a squid channel on YouTube channel on Monday (11/12).

He realized that if it was next to Muzdalifah, rumors would arise.

"Every closer to him is certain image-It's already awake like that.

I can't have it all alone.


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