Follow the Flow, Xiaomi Make Foldable Phones at Affordable Prices

[ad_1], BEIJING – Folding cellphones seem to be one of the future cellphones. Because some vendors have revealed if they have developed the device. In fact, Royole Corporation and Samsung have introduced folding phones in public.

Reported Phone ArenaOn Monday (11/12/2018) vendors from China, Xiaomi also reportedly are developing folding phones. Interestingly, a report revealed that the folding cellphone would be priced at a cheaper price than Samsung's, which had already been introduced.

Because Xiaomi is determined to use a different type of design. As is known, Xiaomi is known as a "market price destroyer" because its devices are indeed much cheaper than some vendors for the same cellphone class.

Samsung Galaxy X reportedly will land at a price of US $ 1800. While Xiaomi will be priced at around US $ 900 or half. But certainly this is still an estimate.

In an event Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2018, the price of Samsung folding phones has not been officially confirmed. However, Samsung said that it would try everything possible to release a folding cellphone at a reasonable price.

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