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Honda N-WGN 660cc capacity CR-V and Accord


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Tokyo – Honda has officially launched the Honda N-WGN and WGn with concealed engine of 660cc. And clients will be distributed in Japan, August 9, 2019.

As reported in the CarscoopsOn Sunday (21/21/2019), in the international arena, the Honda was very grateful Civic Type R and the NSX, a series of N-WGN presents its own homogeneity Honda.

The letter N in the model actually refers to the first Japanese norimono, meaning the car. N-WGN uses the same platform as the other compact cars Honda, N-BOX.

The main approach is to develop a model Honda N-series is to identify the most important things in life, and perfect their polishing, so that they fit into everyday life.

Based on this philosophy, the Honda was trying to develop a car that matches the life of each customer and is convenient to use them practically.

N-WGN – it is not just cute, and even a new title – it's easy! also has the same character and represents a simple Japanese culture.

Along with the progress and the laws of this lovely car is equipped with Honda SENSING® technology, which is usually equipped with premium models such as the CR-V and Accord.

Here are the functions N-WGN:

collision mitigation braking system effects (CMBS)
preventing false
pedestrian collision mitigation system
notifications tin exit system
Recognition of road signs
System mitigate traffic (RDM)
Adaptive cruise control (ACC) with a low repetition rate
assistance system of lanes (LKAS)
Prevention begins a fake retreat
Automatic beam lights

Sophisticated equipment above for compact cars is just as impressive as the premium on the international market.
Honda N-WGN

Another feature with the & # 39 is the technology of braking reduce the effects of collisions (CMBS ™) at the N-WGN – the first of its kind for compact cars in Japan.

This technology can detect the bike on the front of the vehicle. This is important because with Japan & # 39 is a popular cycling country.

From the standpoint of engine N-WGN proposed with two options: 660 cc and 660 cc turbo and a CVT transmission. Consumers also proposed two front (FWD) and 4WD embodiments.
Honda N-WGN

Honda sent to the sales total of 7,000 units in Japan, and this compact model N-WGN may have a value ranging from 1,274,400 JPY model Honda SENSING FF to 1,793,880 JPY model Honda L Turbo 4WD SENSING.


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