Many Sarolangun Residents Are Attacked by ARI. Health Office Urges People to Apply PHBS


Jambi Tribun Reporter Report, Wahyu Herliyan

TRIBUNJAMBI.COM, SAROLANGUN – Sarolangun District Health Office (Dinkes), noted that there were at least 10 patients with the most disease spread in Sarolangun.

The 10 diseases are data obtained from 16 health centers spread throughout Sarolangun Regency, until November 2018.

Patients with Respiratory Tract Disease (ARI) became the first and most ranked sufferers of the community, amounting to 17,898 sufferers.

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Head of the Health Services Division, Sarolangun Health Office, Sep Hurmuddin said, one of the factors that caused this was the problem of unhealthy lifestyle and environment.

He said, the disease came from the behavior of the people themselves who did not want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

"Still the highest ISPA, we have appealed to the public to protect their respective environments," he explained.

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While the second rank of the disease was occupied by Primary Hypertension (blood pressure) with the number of sufferers 7,756.

Furthermore dyspepsia (ulcer) with the number of sufferers was 6,899. Then, Diarrhea and Gastroenteritis were fourth in number with 4,264 sufferers. So on, the unknown fever is in the fifth place with a total of 3,606 people.

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In the sixth order there is Influenza (Flu) disease with a total of 3,143 sufferers. Myalgia (muscle pain) as many as 3,004 souls, other Darmatis (Eczema) as many as 3,013 people, Dental caries (cavities) as many as 1,517 people. And in the last sequence, there was contact dermatitis (skin) with 1,295 sufferers.

Responding to that, the Sarolangun Health Office continued to make efforts to reduce the number of diseases through the Clean Healthy Life Behavior (PHBS), and continue to appeal to the community to get a healthy life. various activities such as counseling to schools in Sarolangun Regency.

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"We have come down directly to the community and it is routinely carried out, including to schools as well as to provide medical advice and checks for free," he explained.

It also appealed to the coming rainy season that many diseases could have given up the human immune system such as dengue fever and malaria and were caused by mosquitoes.

Moreover, sufferers of the disease this year have increased, from the previous year three people and this year there were eight people. (*)


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