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Nunung using drugs 20 years ago


The policemen said that comedy Tri Retno Prayudati, called Nunung, for 20 years using methamphetamine. This was based on the recognition Nununga in check.

"The recognition of suspect NN and her husband JJ, and it was also stated in the investigation report, but the original use was recognized 20 years ago," – said on Sunday the chief of police drugs department of the Directorate of Jakarta AKBP Calvin Simanzhantak in Regional Police Metro Jaya Jalal Sudirman , Jakarta. 21/21/2019).

Calvin said that Nununa husband used the drugs. He was a customer from 24 years ago

"And JJ even more, about 24 years ago," – he said.

He noted that Nunung often advised her husband to stop the use of illegal items. But the council did not listen Nununa.

"What was handed JJ, NN was ignored and often used in the morning before the start of activities" – Calvin said.

Head of the Department of the Directorate I Dyresnarkoby Poldi Metro Jaya AKBP Calvin Simanzhuntak.Head of the Department of the Directorate I Dyresnarkoby Poldi Metro Jaya AKBP Calvin Simanzhuntak. Photo: Bill Ahmad Vahid / detikcom

Earlier Nunung and her husband, Ian Sembiran July, were arrested during her residence in Thebet district, South Jakarta, on Friday (7/19). During a search, police found evidence of drug shabu weighing 0.36 grams.

After July the police conducted an intensive inspection Nununga and her husband. As a result of the interrogation Nunung admitted that he bought 10 Shabu in Gera in the last three months.

Watch video Sule, who claim that they will be shocked and unexpected users Nunung Sabu:

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