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Pass the helicopter piloted by NASA on Mars – VIVA


VIVA – NASA research team is currently working on helicopter design for a mission to Mars. But their job is not only to make the helicopter.

Ensure the helicopter can fly with the situation on Mars. That's why in January, they made a copy of the state of the red planet at JPL space simulator for flight tests.

From the test results are reported to page Engadget, Sunday, March 31, 2019, a helicopter flew twice on different days. Mars atmosphere comprises only about 1 percent by weight of the Earth. This led the researchers to be tested at an altitude of 100,000 feet, or about 30.5 kilometers (km), if not with the help of the simulator.

With the vacuum cylinder 25 feet or 7.6 meters is the best choice, especially since NASA uses it to test the car on Mars. NASA had to introduce carbon dioxide into the room, to simulate the atmosphere on mars. Previously, they had to suck depleted of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases inside.

They also use gravity incentive system shaped motorized screen, draw helikopeter, when hovering above the ground. This system is used for Mars only two-thirds of the earth's gravity.

The trial resulted in low for one minute at a height of 2 inches or about 5 centimeters (cm) from the ground. With the data, scientists obtained data required that the helicopter will work on Mars.

Expected Rover car and the helicopter can arrive at Mars in February 2021 to come. Helicopter serve as an unmanned vehicle, while the vehicle rover will explore Mars geology.

The car is also exploring the possibility of life on Mars in the past. In addition, he also took samples by drilling to the surface. (MUS)

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