Police Identify Suspect While Causes of Fire Papua Governor's Office: Okezone News


JAYAPURA – A great fire that hit the Sasana Krida Building, which is located in the neighborhood Office of the Governor of Papua, Jayapura City, Sunday (11/11/2018) at around 12:30 a.m. was allegedly due to a short circuit from the air conditioner compressor.

Papuan Regional Police Spokesperson, Senior Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, explained, the local police after the fire incident immediately carried out the initial crime scene and identified the source of the fire allegedly originating from a short circuit in the AC compressor.

"The case of the fire was temporary in the handling of Jayapura City Police Station backed by the Papua Regional Police," said Pol. A.M. Kamal was released on Sunday (11/11/2018).

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In the incident, according to Kamal, the police ensured there were no fatalities, but the material losses in the form of buildings and contents of the building / Sasana Krida hall were burned out, in the form of chairs and sound systems attached to the walls of the building.

Meanwhile, Papua Province Public Relations and Protocol Secretary Israil Ilolu, revealed, the fire was extinguished at around 14.00 WIT by three fire trucks, the "water canon" owned by the Papua Regional Police and around 10 water tanks.

"There were no fatalities during this fire, and the fire only spread around the Sasana Krida Building area," he said.

According to Israel, it has not been able to inventory in detail what was involved in the incident.

"What is clear is that chairs, tables, air conditioners, sound systems, official transit rooms to the second floor of the Sasana Krida are on fire," he said.

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He explained the ceiling or roof of the Sasana Krida Building also collapsed due to the fire.

"But the pressroom room next to the official transit room is not on fire," Israel said.

He expressed his gratitude to the ranks of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) who were on guard, employees who happened to be in the office and the community who had also participated in extinguishing the fire so that it did not spread everywhere.



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