Tuesday , August 3 2021

Salah will never forget the incident with Ramas


Three years have passed since the clash between Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos. However, it is believed that Salah will never forget this.

The hostility occurred when Liverpool faced Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final in Kiev. Salah, who is expected to pick up the Reds, actually had to leave the field of play early due to injury due to the fact that Ramos was fighting him.

It hurt even more for the Egyptian football star because Liverpool eventually had to settle for second place after a 1-3 defeat. Then the two players met again on a ceremonial ball the same year. However, Salah coldly replied to Ramas, who tapped him on the shoulder when he returned to his seat.

Mohamed Salah and Sergio Ramos should reunite when Liverpool meet Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals. The first stage will start in Valdebebas, Wednesday (7/4), WIB, then the second stage will take place at Anfield next week. Unfortunately, the hot date failed to materialize as Ramos was forced to miss all these matches due to a calf injury.

Hamdi Noah, a former coach of the first division club of the Egyptian League “El Mokaulun”, is considered the founder of “Salah” in the search for talent. Although Mohammed Salah said he no longer thinks about the incident. However, Noah doubts this.

“The Ramas incident will never be forgotten,” Well said HOW. “I cried at the time because he was very frustrated and angry. It was an important game for him after such a wonderful season.”

“He really wants to keep playing because he’s very professional, but that’s impossible. He’s the type of player who acts flawlessly and inspires a lot of people, and then gets a lot of support.”

“He has become a national icon representing the whole country and everyone supports him in every game,” Noah Mohamed Salah added.

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