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The JCI is projected to continue strengthening on Wednesday (7/4), this is the reason

ILLUSTRATION. JCI is projected to strengthen again on Wednesday (7/4)

Reporter: Noor Colby | Editor: Anna Suchi Pervitasari

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Jakarta’s composite index (JCI) on Tuesday (6/4) was 0.54% to 6,002.77. Meanwhile, foreign investors recorded another sale at a net value of 315.51 billion rupees in all markets.

BCA Sekuritas analyst Ahmad Who said strengthening JCI today is in line rebound what happened in the US stock market (US) earlier this week. Combined with the appreciation of the rupee along with rising commodity prices is also supported by the JCI.

In trading on Wednesday (6/4) Predicting that JCI has the potential to strengthen, despite the fact that it tends to make a profit making a profit. He predicted that the JCI would fluctuate support at 5920 with resistance at 6,165.

“As today, the JCI movement tomorrow will continue to be affected by sentiment on commodity prices and the rupee exchange rate, as well as global market movements,” Yaki said when contacted by Kontan on Tuesday (6/4) .co.id

This is because economic data that can support the JCI, such as trade balance data and a meeting of the Board of Governors of the Bank of Indonesia (RDG BI), will only be published next week.

Meanwhile, predicts Fintrak Securitas analyst Valdi Kurniavan, JCI has the opportunity to continue rebound. Technically JCI maintains a resistance in the range of 5900-6 120. This projection is amplified by the formation on the indicator of a golden cross in the resale zone stochastic RSI.

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According to Valdi, the potential rebound technical data on the BBCA, BBNI and SMGR, which entered the period of final cash dividends on Wednesday (7/4), may also be supportive rebound IHSG.

“Another positive catalyst is the strengthening of the confidence of market participants after the statement of the Ministry of Health of Indonesia that Indonesia will again receive 10 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from Sinovac in April 2021,” Valdi said.

Support has also come because the government also plans to encourage the distribution of business credit (KUR) by releasing a new policy regarding the increased KUR ceiling for IHR players.

Meanwhile, outwardly market participants are monitoring the results of the spring meetings of the IMF / World Bank.

In addition to the BBCA, BBNI and SMGR, Valdi also advised market players to be aware of the potential for this to continue. rebound technical on ADHI, PTPP, WIKA, ADRO, ANTM and TINS ​​at trading on Wednesday (7/4).

So far Yaki sees interesting stocks that can be seen in tomorrow’s trading – it’s the BBCA, BBRI, INDF, ICBP, JPFA, LPPF, RALS and CPO.


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