Thursday , June 17 2021

This is an improvement that will be carried out by Jiwasraya's new president director

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KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) has officially appointed Hexana Tri Sasongko as the new Managing Director of PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero). He replaced the previous company leader, Asmawi Syam.

Initially Hexana filled the position of director of investment and information technology at Jiwasraya. The appointment of Hexana is based on the Decree of the BUMN Minister Number 286 / MBU / 11/2018. The appointment process was carried out by the Deputy of Business Infrastructure at the BUMN Ministry Hambra Samal on the 7th floor of the BUMN Ministry on Monday (5/11).

Hexana said that the top leadership change was carried out in order to develop new business based on information technology while strengthening investment. Therefore, his party will continue the company's flagship programs through digital-based business improvements so that people can easily access Jiwasraya's products.

In addition, he will implement risk management in a disciplined manner in managing financial investments, including increasing cooperation in providing life insurance needs for SOEs.

"We will continue and continue to develop programs that have been initiated with Mr Asmawi for a better and more modern Jiwasraya. On this occasion I represented Jiwasraya to thank you for your guidance and cooperation so far. Hopefully I can also carry out this task well, "Hexana told on Tuesday (6/11).

But he has not been able to ascertain when he can actively occupy the position of President Director of Jiwasraya. Because Hexana is still awaiting service and compliance testing from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). "Please support so that we can work calmly and well," he said.

Previously, the BUMN Ministry dismissed Asmawi Syam as Jiwasraya's managing director. On the same occasion, the Ministry also dismissed Muhamad Zamkhani as the Jiwasraya Director of Human Resources and Compliance. Hexana has not yet commented on who occupies the position of Director of HR and Compliance.

As information, Jiwasraya is facing liquidity pressure which has caused the company to postpone payment of maturity policies marketed through bank channels or bancassurance of Rp 802 billion. Companies should be able to pay off the policy this October.

One of the maturity policies is investment wrapped insurance called the saving plan, which works with a number of banks as sales agents. Until finally, in mid-October, Jiwasraya decided to pay an interest of Rp 96.58 billion due to 1,286 JS Proteksi Plan insurance policies.

Reporter: Ferrika Sari
Editor: Wahyu Rahmawati

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