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This is the reason for students to Sukabumi 1 Man raise the flag on the Tawheed


The action of the students of the State Madrasah Aliyah (MAN) 1 Sukabumskim area raised a flag that read Tawhid viral on social networks. Minister of religion Lukman Hakim Savfudin left the team to investigate the incident.

The school is not pushed lifting Tavgidam students. But it was without the knowledge and control of the teacher missed.

The flag with the inscription tauhidav was posted on Friday (7/19) in the morning one of the extracurricular school groups called "Meeting the family young Muslim Al-Ikhlas" or "Karysma". The location is in the back part of Sukabumi Regency MAN 1, Jalan Suryakancana, Sukabumi, West Java.

"Location (photographing) here, the background of this building," – said Indra, a teacher of the class XII MAN 1, Sukabumi. AFPOn Sunday (07/21/2019).

In addition to the basketball court, in this area there are a number of lessons and building myachetsii Al-Ikhlas, which is a & # 39 is one of the rooms that are used as the secretariat or gathering place for members of Charisma.

"If there is no special secretariat, next to the departments there is only one room, which is used as a place for spiritual gathering of members in the mosque," – he said.

All the building around the basketball court is separate from the main building at the front, where there is a room and a teacher training student hall. Both areas are separated by a passage to go to the basketball court through a special bridge.

"In our school there are many extra-curricular activities, student council, Boy Scout, paskibraka sport All of them are well controlled, only when students are taking action in the morning, long before the start of school." – Andrew said.

The existence of the flag that reads Tavgid, Indra explained, students students initiative Charisma, who knowingly took him out of the house. Chairman Cha, according to him, does not intend to distribute certain ideas.

"Their aim (to withdraw and take with tuhidski flag) – only to attract new students to participate in spiritual activities." Said Indra.

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