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"Pamela adapted operation while viewing operational" – restaurateur Ronan Ryan in the battle to keep the house in the amount of 900 thousand Euro.


On the eve of his last fight in court this week, loud restaurateur told Sunday Independent on regular efforts that some & # 39; I did to accomplish the sale of his house in Clontarf, Dublin, and they are three cases agreed to sell – in 2011, 2013 and 2016.

He said: "For the first time in the home to be sold, my wife was a woman in labor pregnant with our children we packed the car and." Disappeared "every Saturday for two hours, until people came to her view My wife was going to have her first child, trying to clean up. and clean the house, and with two cats and two dogs had no nonsense, and it is unlikely action something & # 39; and that is not playing ball. "

According to him, by the autumn of 2013, "the house was again sold, and it was the same drill, but this time my wife had our first daughter She had serious & # 39;. Serious complications, and it had to have time for surgery "After the delivery. While she was still in Kumba, restored, people looked at our house. My sister vmyashala mind our son and helped clean up and organize the house for viewing. She landed the children to the park. winter and stayed there for four hours, until they showed the house. "

He continued, "Shortly after my wife and newborn daughter returned home from the hospital, I got a call a real estate agent with the middle of the week, which asked, could something & # 39; I come in and look at the house again that day when My wife her husband agreed and said she would do everything possible to bring the house in order if it meant two years and a newborn. "

Describing his feelings at the time, he said, "you look into the abyss You do not know what will happen next.".

On the advice of New Start, whose founder Ross Maguire advises couple, Ross and Pamela vowed to stay in his house in the amount of 900 000 EUR, by insisting on the fact that they intend to resist the fund vultures seeking to bring him back.

Recently, Mr. Ryan received a security certificate in accordance with the legislation on personal insolvency, which means that they can not stop for 70 days.

In court, it was reported that for nine years the pair had not paid the payment, but Ryan says that it was six years old and says he can give proof that this year he made five payments.

He said the Sunday Independent: "I am – a hardworking person, I grabbed the recession and a huge decline in the trade, and finally this year I again legs" and I work seven days a week in the field of catering. "

He added: "I have no" fight "I just want to solve their financial problems, want to keep their home..

"The rental market – it's a terrific place for a family & # 39; and with young children, and I really will fight to get a new mortgage my house, in fact, with the & # 39 is the only place, if I can call my house again. ".

Meanwhile, Ross Maguire, Advisor Mr. Ryan said that any anger that arises in the pair, was incorrectly sent.

"I understand that people are angry, when it seems that people deliberately do not pay the mortgage I think it creates a well-founded anger." – he said.

"But if you look at the real situation – and this applies to many cases when a person thinks:" I gamadavav, I'm going to lose this house "- if this is so, if you think that they have lost their home, leave morality of it, it is not It makes no commercial sense to make payments because you will still lose your house.

"Thus, in the case of Rananam and Pamela – if the bank or money say," Hey, give us a house, and we have written off the debt, "then there is no reason to make payments, because why would you make the payments on the debt, which was effectively written off? you can also pick up their money and throw it into the river Liffey. He's gone. you marnaetse it. "

As part of its work with seven & # 39; families whose debts were taken over the money, Mr. Maguire says he wants to put an end to "palohalnay" the idea that "the means chosen to pick up your house and throw you into the street."

He says: "This is simply not true, it scares bayaysav of people and has a negative impact on them."

He explains: "At the human level, we meet with clients every day who believe that because of their debts were sold to the fund, they destroy it has on them a terrible impact, but this is not true and, as the head of Citizen Advice,.. who recently stated, this has led to the fact that people hide your head sand, that & # 39 is a very natural human emotion, when faced with such dire prospects. "

But he said: "From our experience, tools to deal better and easier than banks.

"It's not all hopeless, and the funds will be to do the transaction, which allow people in homes instantly, provided that people can and want to make the payments – it is, in most cases, people.

"The main advice to people who want to keep their homes – is that there is almost always a way, but you must first take part, and you should make the payment as soon as that happens, the mood of the music changes and transactions.".

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