Snapchat added a new Friendship Profile and Bitmoji Story feature


Snapchat introduces two new features in its latest effort to lure users back to private messaging social applications.

The Friendship Profile, which is launched to users over the coming weeks, will serve as an area to see everything you've shared and save with other Snapchatter in one place – including photos, videos and links to media such as websites, songs and addresses.

Group members will be displayed with each other in the all-new mantra, while also displaying the location of your Snap Map if you choose to share it, acting as a more personal profile compared to the competitor's social network.

Bitmoji stories about Snapchat (PA / Snapchat)

The second feature that Snap brings to the application is Bitmoji Stories, a new comic strip comic strip with Bitmoji himself and his friends.

Every week for the remainder of this year, Snapchat will display a new episode under the feed Find the application.

This step follows the arrival of new British events last month, from people like Channel 4, Sky News and Manchester City.

A number of US shows produced by premium partners on the platform have attracted five million UK users, but people will now be able to watch 26 short shows from famous brands closer to home.

– Press Association


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