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Weekly Poll: Xiaomi Mi A3 costs 250 euros?


Xiaomi can often launch new phones, but Android One series to see the new release once a year. Xiaomi Mi A3 – this is what we got after 12 months of waiting and watching to improve smartphone technology in general pace.

He started at the same price as the Mi A2 for the year to him 250 euros, and it brings several important updates.

New triple chamber 48 has a large main megapixel sensor, it emits useless 20 megapixel camera benefit 8 M ultra-wide shooter and adds 2MP depth sensor. Camera self gets sharp resolution of 32 megapixels.

Weekly Poll: Xiaomi Mi A3 costs 250 euros?

Xiaomi Mi A3 also comes with a battery 4030 mAh battery. This is a good upgrade, because the average life of the battery A2. And he recover some of the losses in the second generation – 3.5-mm times & # 39; the volume of headphones and a slot for microSD.

In the end, there are two "upgrade" that will make or break your phone. Screen 6.1 "less (due to the greater proportion), and proceeds to OLED panel. However 720p resolution means that the apparent sharpness is a big hit (especially with the PenTile 720p vs. 1080p RGB). Fingerprint reader now with the & # 39 is a display, rather than capacitive reader on the rear panel.

4,030mAh battery, compared to the 3000mAh "width =" 315 "height =" 209 "src =" -315 / gsmarena_003.jpg
Snapdragon 665  "up =" "from =" "snapdragon =" "width =" 315 "height =" 209 "src =" -xiaomi-mi-a3 / -315 / gsmarena_002.jpg

4,030 mAh battery, compared with 3000 mAh • Snapdragon 665 "up" from "the Snapdragon 660"

Another thing is the chipset Snapdragon 665. In the meantime, do you think that this modernization S660 compared to last year (in fact, it goes from the node 14 nm to 11 nm), but this is not entirely correct. CPU performance is slightly lower (it was dropped), and GPU performance together. On the other hand, he has to use less battery.

Basic configuration Mi A3 has 4GB of RAM and a 64 GB memory (note that Mi A2 had 32GB base memory, so it would return € 280). You can get a 128 GB model, or just use a microSD card slot. However, there is no version with a lot of RAM.

Even if the screen is low resolution not to & # 39 is a violator of transactions, you still have to consider other options and costs € 250. You can find Pocophone F1 for the money or the Samsung Galaxy A50. On Android One front has Motorola One Vision and Nokia 7.1.

Thus, if you had to vote for the purse, you would buy a Xiaomi Mi A3?

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