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Meretz: Pepper spat in the face of voters – Israel News


Meretz: Pepper spat in the face of voters

The head of the labor force, Amir Peretz and the head of the Democratic Party of Israel Ehud Barak.


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On Sunday, the leader of "Merets" Nitzan Horowitz stepped up the attack on the leader of the work of Amir Peretsa, announced that he "spit in front of persons of their voters", signed a contract with the former Israeli MK Beytenu Orly Levi-Abekasasi Merz instead.

Horowitz told KAN radio that after Thursday was declared a work agreement with the party Geshera Levi Abekasis perturbed Labor came to Meretz.

Meretz MK met on Sunday to discuss whether to seek political ties with the Israeli-Democratic Party of former Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister Ehud Barak or with the Arab-Jewish Hadashskay party, or participate in the elections on 17 September.

Party leader "Hasash" Ayman Odeh said, "Army Radio," that his main task to & # 39; is the creation of about & # 39; the joint list of four Arab parties taking part in 2015, but he did not rule out the possibility to join the Mertz.

On Sunday, Peretz firmly rule out seeking additional bonds "Meretz" or "Barack". He said he made the decision because he believes that it will help to improve the voters and win the award & # 39; er Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Meet with Barak or Meretsam no chance, because the connection with them will create walls that prevent the sector who want to join us and be part of the shocks", – said Pepper.

Although that Peretz firmly ruled out joining the government, the leadership of Netanyahu, Levy Abekasasis seems to leave open the possibility.

"It is likely that we will not go to the government under the leadership of Netanyahu, until the charges are on his head," – she said the radio.

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