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Ovarian Cancer – Overcoming Fear


In SurvivorNet, we understand that a diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be unnerving, so we are here to help you in your journey. You may feel fear, fright, anxiety, or simply apathetic, and we hope that we can help you deal with these emotions and stay focused on the road ahead. We spoke with Dr. Oliver Dorigo, Gynecologic Oncology Stanford Medicine, on ways women can remain positive in the light of the diagnosis of ovarian cancer and how SurvivorNet can help you overcome fear and anxiety, because positive can really push you through the way of treatment. As Dorigo put it, "Having a positive attitude about the outcome, in patients who are very helpful."

SurvivorNet and the power of information

Dorigo says he is aware of the patients who come to his clinic, has already collected information on the Internet to understand their disease. This is where he thinks SurvivorNet will be able to make a big impact. "Providing patients with information … I think that the video is a video that SurvivorNet supply, with & # 39 is extremely useful." You may find that our resources help to provide you with informed perspective that helps to alleviate some of the first calls you have with your oncologist after your diagnosis, and that they provide comfort in fear.

Hope for women with ovarian cancer

Dorigo says one way to keep a positive attitude to focus on all the incredible progress that has occurred recently in the promotion of the treatment of ovarian cancer. As Dorigo put it, at the present time with the & # 39 is the most promising being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, with more medication than ever before available to women of PARP inhibitors to immunotherapy. "I tell my patients that the landscape has changed. We have a lot more options than ever before when it comes to the treatment of ovarian cancer. These options include making PARP inhibition, oral medications, immunotherapy strategy … we have never had up to five or ten years ago. "

trust the process

Dorigo also recommends that patients not to think about the long-term results, but instead to focus on the fight against this disease. In addition, "I ask [my patients] not to think about the long-term results, but to take the diagnosis as an obstacle that they face in life. "He and other doctors hope that it can reduce fear and anxiety about the scenarios that have not yet occurred, and can help you actually invest in this complex process.

You are not fighting alone

Dorigo also emphasizes women that their doctor it helps to fight the disease with them, and you have to keep in mind when choosing a doctor. You must select an oncologist, you want to take this journey with you, because your health should be as important to them as it is for you. "We are fighting with them." Oncologists are hoping that their cooperation can help to alleviate the fear of ovarian cancer. Oncologists like Dorji also involve family members & # 39; and in the course of treatment, as in the end of treatment with a & # 39 is a family affair. "We involve family members & # 39; and in conversation. If there are small children involved it is very important to talk with children about the disease. "

In general, Dorigo and oncologists positive and hope for the prospects for the treatment of ovarian cancer, especially with such resources as SurvivorNet there. "Patients like information. Patients, as a positive attitude. And there are [sic] good reason to be very hopeful for ovarian cancer patients … There's a huge opportunity for the treatment of patients at the moment, and that's really what we're here. "

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Dr. Oliver Dorigo with & # 39 is a gynecologic oncologist at Stanford University Medical Center. read more

In SurvivorNet, we understand that a diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be unnerving, so we are here to help you in your journey. You may be feeling, fear, fright, anxiety, or simply apathetic, and …