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PM says Ganz can not be his defense minister after Likud colleagues say that he could


Against the backdrop of an aggressive campaign with his party in recent days aimed at drawing a blue and white chairman Benny Gantz unstable Likud Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Saturday that the former chief IDF can still be considered for the post of defense minister in the new government headed by Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who after rejected the notion outright.

"I think that Likud will win the election. It is possible that Benny Gantz – and, in my opinion, it was his main goal – to come and ask to be defense minister in the government of Netanyahu. We will consider all options, "said Yuval Steinitz during an interview with & # 39; u on stage Shabbat cultural event in Petah Tikva.

Asked to comment on the remarks of his colleague, fellow Likud Minister Erdal later told Channel 13 News that any party is ready to accept "the basic principles of the right government" would be welcome.

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"Benny Gantz entirely deprived of the right to serve as Secretary of Defense," said Minister of Public Security, adding that the main blue and white entirely suited to serve as prime minister & # 39; er Minister.

However, Netanyahu issued a statement of his, putting to bed this scenario, on Saturday night.

Claiming that Ganz was weak on security and settlements, the premier & # 39; er, the minister said that he "would not be defense minister in my government."

In response, Ganz said, "Netanyahu will not be finance minister in my government. He loses the election and go and face his three convictions "- a reference to the three-corruption probe, in which the prime minister's & # 39; -Minister were before the & # 39; the revealed criminal charges, pending a hearing.

He added that the Likud will be a welcome partner in any government he leads, but Netanyahu and his policy of "… hatred will be removed from public life."

Remarks by senior officials of the Likud party came amid a campaign Netanyahu reflect Gantz as mentally unstable.

on the & # 39; the appearance of the party, which was shown on the Internet said last week that "Benny Ganz lost it."

Prem & # 39; -Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) with outgoing IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz at the ceremony in honor of the incoming IDF Chief of Staff Ayzenkot (not seen) in the office of prime minister & # 39; EPA in Jerusalem, February 16, 2015 (by Miriam Alster / Flash90)

Likud also shown an edited clip with recent interviews & # 39; w, in which Gantz stuttered a few times, and another clip that repeatedly runs into his eyes with an accompanying soundtrack of a horror film with an accompanying headline: "It is quite stable."

The advertising campaign has attracted condemnation from Ganz Party, as well as the Commissioner for Disability Israel, who took issue with his portrayal of aspiring premier & # 39; EPA as mentally ill.

Ganz, who & # 39 is the main challenger Netanyahu in the upcoming elections, has been losing ground in recent days following reports that his mobile phone was hacked by the Iranians. Likud tried to use the hack to show that they are not fit to lead the country. Gantz has charged that the breach leaked to the media was politically motivated.

Likud first began implying Gantz entirely sound after he had heard talk about the recording makes the accusation Netanyahu.

"If (Netanyahu) was so that I would have been damaged, they Zab & # 39; by me, he would have done it," said Ganz in one record, adding that the upcoming elections, Netanyahu made desperate.

Recent polls show Likud gaining on Ganz, whose blue and white was a nose ahead of the Likud in the beginning of the campaign.

A channel number 13, a poll published Thursday showed Likud and blue and white, like winning 30 seats in the upcoming elections on 9 April with Netanyahu better placed to form a coalition.

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