Tesha Team Up With DOV for SAVE Electro-Pop Debut


Tesha Team Up With DOV for SAVE Electro-Pop Debut

"& # 39; Save & # 39; is a cry for help; this is a call for people to COME!": After performing live shows together, cross-disciplinary artists Brooklyn, friends, and collaborators Tesha and DOV came together in the studio for the song DOV debut. "Save" premiered today exclusively through Complex, following Tesha "See So Good," the first song from the upcoming EP. Streaming + Share DOV "Save" (feat. Tesha)

Tesha and DOV wrote songs together and both identified as clear queer. Their concepts and identities are back out, however, not only about sexual orientation, Tesha said: "We live in an oppressed world locked in our perceptions of things. Our meaning comes out in all aspects of life. Being gay, being weird ; this is a new spiritual movement for us. It's about allowing yourself to be free, different, to be individual and strange; this is what emerges. "

DOV added, "We wrote this song about blind faith and heroism that people took upon themselves, even for their deaths, believing in the cause of failure: an eighteen year old soldier stepped in with valiantly into a room with a bomb trying to keep & # 39; his country … a young, talented child leaving his sexual identity of body and mind just because he did not want to be evicted from his house and hear the word & # 39; homo & # 39; in school every day. This is a war that we lead in our heads every day, try to adjust, become & # 39; normal & # 39; to be accepted. "

Known as TESHA ????, a forward-thinking singer and songwriter and producer creates self empowering, ruminative and equality driven electro-acoustic experiments that focus on miracles and unknown life. Born in Israel and grew up playing his mother's piano room, he got inspiration from people like Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush and the classical era. After losing his parents during his early teens, his goal was ignited and immediately dedicated his life to music. A year later, he moved to Brooklyn, bringing together several hours of self-taught vocals and experiments with synth production. Grasping the unknown, he transcribed the visuals conveyed from his dream. An intrinsically beautiful place where unconditional shape, rudeness, vulnerability and love go free. While in this place, he learned to overcome many obstacles in life. Walk forward, and come back with treasure from a dark niche, sculpt the skeleton of the debut of the self-released EP, Growing Pain II.

Streaming "See So Good" from Growing Pain II EP Out Dec 7


  1. Funeral
  2. I can not sleep
  3. Wonder
  4. Window Shape
  5. See So Good
  6. Soft and smooth but not silent

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