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We should be on-board the aircraft type composition with an overdose Narcan airlines?


The tragic story of a young man who died of a drug overdose at the cross-country flight Delta Air Lines from Boston to Los Angeles last week zagalovvav headlines for all the wrong reasons. His death was awful – found a needle that stuck out of his hands, unconscious and fell into one of the toilets of the aircraft as it went in Laax.

But the same terrible as the death of this person, it probably was not unusual. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2016 as a result of opioid overdose deaths more than 42 000 people – surprisingly, that drug overdoses have become a major cause of death of Americans under the age of 50 years.

What makes this case unusual, it is not only the fact that it happened on the plane, but in contrast to the emergency services on the ground, the flight attendants do not have access to potentially life-saving drug called Naloxone – or, commonly referred to as Narcan.

Narcan so good to counter the effects of opioid overdose, nasal spray approved by the FDA, was used in emergency rooms for over 40 years. Many health care professionals understand that early access to Narcan with & # 39 is a critical component of emergency treatment of opioid overdose – so that drugs are now commonly carried by many law enforcement agencies and other major life activity providers.

One dose of Narcan can restore someone for 20 minutes – enough time to divert the plane and get professional medical help. In the case of the last week "Paramedyya" took only 10 minutes to get on board the aircraft after it touched in Los Angeles. But without access to Narcan it was not enough for the victim.

Eyewitnesses say his ztsyagnuli the plane in the body bag.

Photo credit: Chicago airports
Photo credit: Chicago airports

Flight attendants and medical personnel on board the aircraft in vain tried to help the man. They conducted CPR and hooked defibrillyator, but, as one doctor at the time: "We need Narcan and Narcan not."

What is surprising, however, that safety advocates are calling for Narcan become a mandatory element of the onboard first aid equipment for several years. Just last March stewardesses Association (AFA) once again called upon to make Naloxone FAA medical care unit standard issue.

"Medical emergencies in cases of passenger have and will continue to include opioid overdose. Unfortunately, passengers can die from opioid overdose on planes due to lack of access to naloxone, "- he said in an open letter to the CFAA the FAA – how correct was this forecast.

Now Delta says it will begin Narcan inclusion in the kits for medical purposes, although it is unclear when the process of preparation of the drug will be completed throughout the park. US airlines also release Narcan since December last year, although only medicines can make medical workers.

Unfortunately, Narcan stocks are completely depending on the views of airlines, and there are still a lot of airlines that do not yet have this drug.

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