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Why NHS holding back medical marijuana? the blame data


Cannabis grows in a greenhouse in Quebec, Canada. The drug is a & # 39 is legal for both leisure and medical purposes across the country

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"I think that we have opened a Pandora's box," said Dame Sally Davies, England's chief sanitary doctor, the parliamentary committee on medical cannabis at the beginning of this month. Emphasizing how little is known about the health benefits of marijuana, Davis warned of its potential danger. And she is not alone in their problems.

Since the legislation was introduced on the home secretary Sajid Zhavid in November 2018, only a few tokens NHS doctors prescribe marijuana patients, in spite of the high demand from human rights groups.

In this vacuum of cannabis, private clinics may be the first large law of the country dealers. Cost £ 200 for destination and between £ 600 and £ 700 per month for a prescription, these clinics, the first of which was opened in Greater Manchester earlier this month, look set to supply patients budding desire to leave the NHS.

Thus, it is denying the NHS valuable drug, or private clinics spread of dangerous drugs? "There is a perception that marijuana works for many conditions," says Davis. "Meanwhile, the influence of taking it for a long period of time? We know [THC, a cannabis chemical] It affects the brain and causes depression, schizophrenia, brain development problems in young teens. If a pregnant mother is taking him, I would be very worried. "

-THC short for tetrahydrocannabinol, s & # 39; is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. If consumed, it binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain associated with memory, coordination and perception of time, resulting in maximum. Sense of attractive enough to make cannabis the most widely used illicit substance worldwide. But research shows that long-term consumption may have some less than doping effects. One recent study linked high-THC hemp varieties with psychosis, and even estimated that half of the first-time psychotic disorder cases in Amsterdam could have been avoided if there was no powerful drug.

However, studies such as this are often based on recreation, sort of "street", which have been pushed out of the high THC potency bans and consumer demand. Medical cannabis instead of high in KBRAH, the "miracle molecule" that was declared by many users as a cure for everything from chronic pain to cancer. Although the forensic science in different countries, the requirements related to the CBD may lead many to question its true benefits.

"There is considerable evidence of the usefulness in chronic pain, epilepsy, disease during chemotherapy, as well as for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and sleep," said Mike Barnes, a neurologist. He also & # 39 is the clinical director of new cannabis clinics and specialist testified in the recent parliamentary debate, urging the panel to take into account the existing evidence-base of CBD.

«Cannabis may be a good remedy for many diseases such as fibromyalgia, stimulation of appetite, Crohn's disease and cancer," he says. "Of course, we need more evidence that this type of cannabis, in what dose and in what format to serve each condition is better, but there is enough evidence for their physician sur & # 39; ozna consider prescription. If the doctor does not prescribe, they should turn to the expert cannabis to help. "

Although more evidence to persuade the NHS properly, there is still a large stack of research to back up claims Barnes. Among the findings, the study showed cannabis can help reducemethamphetamine addiction, eliminate anxiety, suppresses inflammation, treatment of autism spectrum disorders, and even increase sperm count.

It also seems to help epileptic conditions. In the end, it was heavy, two boys with severe epilepsy that cannabis kick call the UK in the summer of last year. And after temporarily given medicines for children seizures are reported to have declined from 150 per month to zero.

Some studies of CBD have also been shown to cause undesirable side effects such as loss of appetite and diarrhea. But when bombarded with examples where it does help, it is hardly surprising that medical marijuana advocates could get frustrated with reticence NHS.

"Davis said that we have to wait three or four years before that kind of high-quality data with us. How do you explain this to my father? "Says Peter Carroll, founder of End our pain, the company in order to expand access to medical cannabis children with epilepsy. Speaking with Professor Barnes, Carroll opposed the parliamentary group with the mother's story that illegally acquired hemp products for the treatment of their child. "The child has improved dramatically," he said. "So this is it random controlled trial. And her own local doctors in the NHS said, "we see an improvement," and then they say, "but we will not prescribe it."

"I think we need to take a broader view of the evidence here, because there is a point where a number of anecdotal stories to actually build a pattern of evidence," he continued. "It seems absurd to me that we have to wait three, four or five years on these tests will be done, when in fact a & # 39 are cases of real life at the moment."

In a randomized, controlled trials with mentions Carroll & # 39 are the gold standard for clinical trials of medicaments. In such studies, the two groups studied, provided one drug, another the placebo, or with not knowing whom they were given. But anyone to become available the resulting formulation may take years.

"You have to consider what is happening in the context of the NHS, NHS culture, revered nature NHS," says Steve Moore, who helps run the medical center of Cannabis, a think tank in order to increase clinical trials of cannabis. "People ask for things quickly at the moment, but I think they should realize that it will work in the NHS pace." Last summer, Moore directed the company to give Billy Caldwell, one of the boys living with epilepsy, its oil hemp.

While these routes to move, those using may waive the state structure and registration of private clinics, two of which are scheduled to open in Birmingham and London at the end of this year. Others, no doubt, will continue to source of cannabis on the black market.

"I really hope we can do the test," Davis said as she concluded her testimony Parliament. "Because without them, how can we help patients? And that's what we're all here. "

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