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Bartolini and Patron in the Dust, Whitlock and Sonderland are wrong! – OA Sport

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11.40 Nicola Bartolini overcomes a difficult bar of 13,000 (4.4 points D) and prepares for her beloved free body.

11.48 Slightly too many inaccuracies for Stefan Patron, who stops at 12.900 (5.4).

11.35 Soon the fifth rotation: Stefano Patron and Nicola Bartolini at the bar. Trace the parallels of Britain’s Jarney Regina-Moran and Joe Fraser (world champion).

11.32 Excellent exercise of the German Nick Klessing in the rings: he leads with a score of 14,500. Sonderland is third in the bar with 13,433, but to get to the final with such a low score is very difficult.

11.30 Armenian Gagik Khachikyan jumps on the horse’s head with 14,300 handles. Whitlock has officially dropped out: he is a world champion and was the favorite the day before!

11.26 Nicolas Bartolini leads after four rotations with 54,599, followed by Stefan Patron (53,965) and Ukrainian Ilya Kovtun (53,441).

11.24 Surprising. Epke Sonderland is very wrong! 13,433 (6.0). The bar line is not at the top, the Flying Dutchman is likely to stay out of the finals.

11.19 Bartolini’s excellent performance at the bars: 14,300 (5.6). The Blues are having a good race.

11.15 Stefano Patron is also well defended on parallels: 13,666 (5.5 opening notes).

11.12 Soon the parallels of the two blues, then waiting for the bar Zonderland.

11.10 Excellent Jarney-Moran shelter: 14,666 (5.6) for the British.

11.03 Now Nicolas Bartolini and Stefano Patron are expected from challenging exercises on parallels. Don’t miss the Dutch bar Epke Zonderland, the big favorite the day before.

10.58 Interestingly, the two Azzurri have the same score in the middle of the race: 40,299 for both in all-around, they are pre-first and second.

10.53 Tulach slightly lacks rings: 13,733 out of 6.3 as the opening note.

10.52 Bravo Nicolas Bartolini with his workhorse: 14,433 at the shelter. It should be noted the high accuracy in the executive plan: 9 233, 5.2 points D.

10.50 Happy 13,900 for Stefan Patron at the table.

10.48 Following the rings of the British Courtney Tulach, already silver and continental bronze in her career.

10.46 Soon the third rotation. Bartolini and Patron will deal with the vault immediately after the two Austrians.

10.43 Wonderfuleeeeeeeeeeeeee! WHITLOCK CADEEE! The super-favorite on the eve of doing everything wrong, he stops at 12,766 (6.5 points D) and temporarily ranks fourth. The final of the specialty is almost impossible, now important scenarios are open to everyone. The world champion is almost out.

10.38 Ukrainian Ilya Kovtun (14,200) takes the lead in the free body.

10.36 Joe Fraser is not very early on the horse: 14,166 (6.3 points D) for the British.

10.35 Nicola Bartolini gets in the rings 12,866 (4.3 points D). Now we go to the shelter and we need to jump it.

10.28 Stephen Patron is very accurate! 13,633 with 8,733 shots fired. The Blues started well in those qualifiers. Nicolas Bartolini’s turn will come soon.

10.25 Stefano Patron is ready to rise in the rings.

10.20 In the second rotation Stefano Patron and Nicolas Bartolini will enter the ring. Do not miss the British Max Willock on a horse with handles (world champion).

10.15 In this first rotation no other important tests are expected, we are nearing the end of the first segment of the race.

10.12 Also shot by Briton Jarney Regini-Moran: 14.133 (6.4) in a free body, he is one of the favorites the day before.

10.09 Meanwhile 14,433 behind the bar of German Andreas Toba.

10.07 Good exercises by Nicolas Bartolini. The Sardinian starts with his right foot on an instrument that is not his: 13,000 (5.2 initial notes).

10.04 Stefano Patron starts with 12.766 (5.1). Now it’s up to Nicolas Bartolini.

10.02 Stefano Patron prepares to get on a horse with handles.


09.55 Bartolini and Patron will be the first to perform on horseback with handles.

09.50 The first division features chic names such as Hungarians Szabolcs Batory and Christian Balash, Britain’s Max Whitlock, Joe Fraser, Jarney Regina-Moran, Courtney Tulach, Ukraine’s Volodymyr Kostyuk and Ilya Kovtun.

09.45 Fifteen minutes later at the beginning of the competition the gymnasts are ready to start warming up the equipment.

09.42 Bartolini and Patron will begin their adventure on a horse with handles. Both are returning from good performances in Serie A.

09.40 At 10.00 Nicolas Bartolini and Stefano Patron will take to the platform. At 14.00 it will be the turn of the other Azura, who are engaged in the second unit.

09.38 The Blue Rose is completed by Salvatore Maresco, a specialist in rings. Attention is also paid to the free body of Nicolas Bartolini, already a finalist at the European Championships.

09.36 Performance at the Olympic pass is more difficult: Nicolas Bartolini, Lorenzo Casali and Stefano Patron will participate in all rounds, but to withdraw the coupon is very difficult.

09.34 After five special finals won by the girls yesterday, today Italy is betting a lot on Carlo McKinney and Edouard De Rosa: between a bar and a horse with handles you can dream.

09.32 In Basel (Switzerland) the continental review continues, at 10.00 the men’s elimination round will begin. He will keep us company until about 8 p.m.

09.30 Hello and welcome to the live broadcast of the men’s qualifiers of the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2021.

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Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE from 2021 Europeans Rhythmic Gymnastics. Today (Thursday, April 22) the continental review continues in Basel (Switzerland), space at men’s qualifications. The participating children were divided into three divisions: it will start at 10.00 and will last until approximately 20.00, with a real marathon magnesium powder. Absolutely unacceptable non-stop, which will give the appearance of a crucial phase of this continental review.

At the end of this very busy day we will actually find out who will qualify for the various finals (all-around on Fridays, specialty – on weekends) e we will also know who will go for two unnamed passes to the Tokyo Olympics. As part of the individual overall competition, two tickets will actually be awarded at the Games, and only those boys who were not part of the teams admitted to the five-round review at the 2018 or 2019 World Cup will be able to win them. The battle will be hot for all purposes and we will see some really good ones.

Italy wants to become an absolute hero. Carl McKinney he has an exercise in his legs from the podium to the bar, Edouard de Rosa may be a stranger to the groin with handles. Nicola Bartolini, Lorenzo Min Casali, Stefano Patron chase a very challenging Olympic belt on the whole lap. Salvatore Maresco will take part in the rings.

OA Sport offers you LIVE men’s qualifiers for the 2021 European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships: real-time news, minute by minute, exercise after training, with all scores, ratings, analyzes. It will start at 10.00 and will last until approximately 20.00. Have fun well.

Photo: Simone Ferraro / FGI

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