Basile left home. Kiss and love meeting, but Ilary's clumsiness …


The ninth episode of Big Brother Vip was archived with Ilary Blasi's historical errors ("ready for durello in a duel?"), Fabio Basile's removal and three gieffini in the positive nominations, "Who do you want to save": Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Andrea Mainardi and Stefano Sala who chose to replace Benedetta Mazza. Love meeting for Jane Alexander and Elia Fongaro and for Uolter Nudo and Francesca Cipriani. The surprise at the Cinecittà house "entered" Barbara and "Urso.

La Coroneide
Ilary Blasi anticipates Christmas with gold-colored dresses and boots and fine black bob on "Valentina" by Crepax for the bee-maia effect. Together with Alfonso Signorini opened the ninth episode of GFVip which broke into the house. Greetings to roommates, trick memory dursiana "friend, is a hit, all ask you" (so we have one more month of tonic droplets) and 150 seconds of gossip (and advertisements) by Alfonso Signorini. The director "Chi" has a good word for everyone: "Fabio, Sofia is waiting for you outside the house, this is the third time you try it is the right one, don't stretch your hands on Giulia because her boyfriend is doing good". The Judoka remains disappointed, but cannot explain why (they leave and don't understand where the first is, you). Signorini's address Sala: "Dear Stefano, let's talk about Dasha, I know you are worried, but from photos on my Instagram profile I would say that you can feel comfortable" (in background choruses, you) "and again:" Uolter, You must know that there is an adult woman, Fariba, the mother of Giulia Salemi, who was taken by you. He wants to make you as soon as you leave home. "Finally, Silvia Provvedi's real goal:" Silvia dear, closing "Chi" came out, see Fabrizio we quickly comforted him in Asia Argento's arms "and Provedi:" He can save it ".

The GFVip and the game are silent
Blasi is confused about launching a game with devastating results: "I ask VIPs who want to be among 4 people named". General silence. Signorini obscured: "Christian democracy is dead and buried, unbalanced for a moment". Nothing new. Nobody exposes himself. Instead, they hide in their backpacks like they do at school when the professor asks to be questioned. Alfonso Signorini made no excuse for the wrong cast: "I can't think of this kindness, never in the history of the GF, save the face or we stick to the label of counterfeiters. What do you like?". Shut up and fly. Always appropriate and elegant to women, Cecchi Paone: "Because Mary is out of place", while in the studio Eleonora Giorgi: "I also remember this climate of friendship, but behind that it means hell". Followed by Ivan Cattaneo's best moments at risk of being knocked out. Summary: "I win with myself".

Save and delete
Benedetta Mazza is the first salvo and amazement of Ivan Cattaneo with those who participated in GFVip night and day: a good girl, but his contribution was a failure under the storm. Ivan Cattaneo commented: "If I go out, I will send you a nice plane, Enola Gay of Hiroshima". He must leave Cinecittà Walter Nudo loft. And from that research there was "noooo". Everyone is truly astonished: at home and in the studio, in the living room and in the deep sea. Alfonso Signorini: "I don't understand, the most interesting characters always come out". That happens when playing with pongoregulation. Social media is in turmoil, hoping for a double somersault, in one of the unexpected turns of Big Brother. And the fact is that after a 5-minute surprise underbow for Nudo. But can't these games be organized with greater originality?

Fiction or reality?
Part of RVM in Elijah Fongaro and Jane Alexander and Francesco Monte rosica: Giulia Salemi has taken and limited but will not be enough to win him the GFVip. Smile da Grinch, on the contrary, for Alessandro Cecchi Paone. Striscia's veil, who had returned to her house to hug Jane and frankly came up with doubt: bad or big shame? The interview was confusing: "I miss you", "You too, very much I can't breathe", "How are you?", "Good and you?", "I'll wait for you as late as possible". And actually Blasi: "Alfonso, I see you are confused," No, no, I'm overwhelmed by emotion. "

The GFVip and turnaround
Uolter Nudo enters the studio thinking to be eliminated (he doesn't even believe it), tells how much has changed from Island of the Famous, dare to say that Francesco Monte has an Apulian accent, but is not considered racist, is "freezzato" and experiences words another rough Marquise of Aragon: "It binds us to a spiritual feeling, I will say Satuiric, I want you to land more. Do you miss me? With all my Platonic love, I signed this envelope with a kiss". Then he gave him another unnecessary kiss on the lips. And when recapitulation takes another way? So he understands that there is no tripe for cats and throws it at extra-sensory love. Uolter is safe and must be the actual name bearer removed. Ilary Blasi percula: "Do you expect it?", But no, Ilary, no. Just as we don't expect the "Chi" cover dedicated to Fabrizio Corona. So Fabio Basile came out and the arms of the soldier in front were wasted.

The Olympic athlete took it sportively: "Statt" senz penziero ", but before leaving the Cinecitta house forever, he received a surprise from Grandma Diamante. A voice: "My love, my grandmother's heart, my grandmother's bone, the air I breathe, when I was little when I was evil I prayed that God would take mine, not hers. Build all dateme nu bacio". And Gieffin lined up as if by relatives at Christmas dinner. Cecchi Paone recalls that Fabio was an Olympic and Republic of Italy award, what had to be done was unclear if it wasn't at night when he would criticize his students sharply. Meanwhile, Signorini had quietly read Twitter enthusiastically asking for the entry of Diamante's grandmother, not her niece or at least Martina: "I proposed my grandmother as a competitor from GFVip".

Mysterious percentage
Benedetta was saved with 32% of the vote against 26% of Uolter Nudo, 22% of Ivan Cattaneo and 20% of Fabio Basile. A mystery like when you pass an exam after studying the bird's eye between "UominieDonne" and "X Factor".

The GFVip and waltz from the nomination
There were no nominations, they were all at risk except Stefano Sala, a favorite of the week. Monte is always a darker moon on the face. Blasi explained something about training and spouses, but even the guests didn't listen. Elijah: "I have not followed, I have my head elsewhere".

First match
To decide who goes to televoting we start from the classic tank game and win Lory Del Santo-Martina Hamdy. Among the losers, Le Donatella and Andrea Mainardi chose the chef.

The class is not water
Maria Monsè will be percussive and talkative, but she does not deserve to be the subject of frustration and linguistic taste of Alessandro Cecchi Paone. Lady Totti sent her home for a face-to-face interview with reporters: "How beautiful, from the golden siren to the blue mermaid," "I am a woman, let me speak," "Are you a woman? We will see. Risk of sending Marchesa to unemployment." , "Do sir and let me speak," "See you at Christmas", "I have found that you are cruel, arrogant, selfish and you only think of yourself, you are arrogant and provocative, I feel offended because you make fun of me and You laugh at my daughter, I don't put your family in the middle, don't laugh, you say that it looks like a twelve-year-old girl, who looks like a Fantozzi girl, you make fun of my husband saying he came out until Friday not hear me. "Both Blasi and Signorini have peacock wheels down to Cecchi Paone. Even less. Knowledge is important because it makes you empathize with humanity, if not, it still becomes the first class statement under the image of the abbot.

Shoot the target
Monsé spoke again, Ilary became impatient: "I call Castigator, not Marquise", D & # 39; Aragona tried to defend him but the oppressed for weeks did not give him an audience. Cecchi Paone: "He is really crazy, this is stalking. I am not saying that he does not have a normal family, I have solidarity with this man, he left until Friday to bear his wife's fatigue when he returned", Signorini exploded very delicately: "Monsè che palle", Ilary: "What is her husband's name? Salvatore? In the name and in fact" and again Paone: "You don't know the decibel level, you will hear Ivan too". "Chi" director said: "Alessandro you and I can be happy to be gay because if you meet a woman there is only to shoot". The curtain doesn't make people laugh. High respect for women, for families, children who, horrified, watch their mothers kiss on TV, but do not suffer the psychological impact of seeing them treated as "nullezza" (quoted by Marchesa) ending up in the toilet. This is a show and everything is valuable. In these sections.

The GFVip, the second game and Ela badass
Alessandro and Jane lost the quiz against Ivan Cattaneo and Ela Weber. They must choose who will be sent to television and they will be divided, but if a dispute occurs, the role is canceled. Seller forced Teutonic on Italians: "I said Alessandro and I didn't move, I was ready to be nominated" and Ivan eorico: "Well, I'm tired of being nominated". The reporter took it badly and rebuked him.

Barbara d & Urso on GFVip
At 11:45 a.m. Monte night is darker than Ilary's wig because he hasn't talked about his whereabouts, about his kinship, about the difference in mentality between North and South, eggs, Cecilia. But he was busy after the Monday episode: he kissed Giulia Salemi and even described it a little. Nothing, this isn't night. Luckily for him he was called back to "Afternoon Five" by Barbara & Urso: "I am tired of feeling that there is a difference between North and South because in the South there is a closed mentality. Closed mentality is in the North, South, East … everywhere ". Also in Barbarella we owe the presence of Francesca Cipriani to GFVip: the answer to what Bonas wanted to do a year ago with Luca Onestini.

Cross catchers in taboos
So, Big Brother Vip has received the appeal of the pupa Francesca Cipriani is infatuated with love for Nudo Uolter: "I feel that he is my soulmate", Signorini: "I have never been beaten for 12 months", "As I said a few days ago, I was even more, 16 months ". Uolter's dream is a very intelligent woman and a cross between Debra Winger and Rachel Walch: Francesca Cipriani arrives or is a difference in flesh, breasts and bones from "what orders online and what you get at home". The fact is that they present Cipriani in fake Paris. "Aaaahhh ciaoooo", "Thank you for coming", "I am happy, I followed you for a month and a half, you are a beautiful person and you have a beautiful soul, we have many common similarities, I am genuine I have a big heart, I see myself again you internally, but for feminine because I am a woman. You have a shining soul ". In the speech made with the seventh bra which is a blow to get out of the gown and groin in the front slit (subliminal invitation), this model answers: "I listen to you, however, if sometimes the eye forgives me …" and then: "Ahhmm, ahhhmmm, that … uhmm, ok, ok, uh … uh … Um … I want to tell you something, wait, I forgot that … did you meditate?", "I don't , but I know people who practice it. "Surreal. Blasi teases: "French kisses are not like Giulia and Francesco", but Nudo is all intact: "I can't kiss you because it's important …". Think about how he likes to propagate Marchesa. On the other hand, the raspberry kiss between Ilary and Alfonso takes off.

Fabio Basile said he was very happy, he had a lot of relationships with Le Donatella and he came out because "the fans wanted me on the tatami". There is no flicker, the only one really angry is Elijah Fongaro. "The girlfriends are asexual, if not, she has all the girls, actually I hope that …" he said with reference to Giulia Provvedi, "let him go!" Blasi ironing. Then the judoka explains why he was amazed to see the first: "Sofia is a part of my past, I really love her, seeing her again makes me a strange effect, things that are ultimately destined to end. I miss her very much, but I have to look ahead and immediately continue my journey ". He waited for him.

Long-lasting madness
Ilary Blasi announced the third game: "This will be durello..duello is very difficult", the tenants laughed out loud, he followed them, Signorini did not understand, but he told him in the ear. With the microphone open. Slide is presented. Too bad that there is no Gialappa Band, reduced to a registered appearance. The aquatic challenge was won by Uolter and Giulia Salemi. There is no match between Francesco Monte and Benedetta Mazza. That is why making short stories in reality must be prohibited by regulations and not driven by manuscripts. Co-host puts doubt: "Julia, however, to understand public appreciation of you, you can act courage and send to Francesco's voice, if you are a strong testatevi". Monte bleaching is like a sheet that has just been bleached and you can read it in your eyes, "What's wrong?". After hesitation, stay at Mazza.

Shooting scene
Stefano Sala, this week's favorite, has the right to release his immunity to one of Mainardi, Cecchi Paone and Benedetta Mazza. Save the woman. "If this is not love" is the arrow from Signorini, "This & # 39; friendship # answer the lying model that Dasha can only see on Instagram (if it doesn't stop). La Mazza makes the cat like:" That's not necessary " , replied: "I have to win the game, not the game." The correct cavalry attitude or good strategy? Impossible to build it. Of course, Stefano Sala put himself in danger and marked the difference between him and Monte.

Let's throw it at the cow
Finally, around 08.08 is a red light film. The columnist launches the "great durello" hashtag, Blasi continues to laugh: "Monday's classic promise with Grande durello. This is the moment from Big Brother to Grande Durello". Looks more like the Great Mosciarello.


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