Genoa-Napoli 1-2 report cards: Ruiz and Mertens determine, Own in the shade – Serie A 2018-1919 – Calcio


=== === Genoa

Andrei RADU 6.5 – Earning in the first round in Property, save his hip in recovery to Insigne. That can be a little on purpose.

Davide BIRASCHI 5.5 – Do not deny bad performance, indeed, if it gets in the mark. But it was his own goal which condemned the three successive defeats.

Cristian ROMERO 6.5 – Some decisive interventions, with good or bad, sweeping the area, taking care of the difficult. Driving a great defense, it's not easy against Napoli.

Domenico CRISCITO 6 – Experience and techniques available for the team, especially in the first round. Then fall.

ROMULO 6.5 – Push smoothly until the camp allows and provide assistance to kiss Kouame. (from 89 & # 39; Goran PANDEV SV)

Daniel BESSA 6 – Active in both phases, even if offensive is difficult to risk the game.

Miguel VELOSO 5.5 – It is not at the peak of conditions and it shows. He fought, but he fought there in the middle, finishing gasoline immediately – (from 58 & # 39; Stephane OMEONGA 6 – Come when the game becomes a water polo challenge, fight as much as you can)

Oscar HILJEMARK 6 – The holder returns and does not suffer, the director is better at the ball for one hour. In the second half, the shot was very bad. (from 78 & # 39; Luca MAZZITELLI SV)

Darko LAZOVIC 6 – Generous, especially in the first half, when he placed in the middle of some potentially interesting crosses.

COUNTRY OF CHRISTIANS 6.5 – Scored a great goal, the second in the league, and nervously defended Napoli with the race and freshness. He also tried in the second half, stopped by a puddle of water.

Krzysztof PIATEK 5.5 – The part with desire with turnaround-and-shot that is worth the first chance of the match. Then it is no longer dangerous. Fasting continues.

Kouamé, Genoa-Napoli, Serie A

Kouamé, Genoa-Napoli, Serie AGetty Images

=== === Naples

David OSPINA 6 – He can't be much at Kouamè's goal, for the rest he is not called for extraordinary intervention.

Elseid HYSAJ 5 – Many technical errors and rough marks that allowed Kouamè to stamp 1-0. In pushing it does not combine much. (from 80 & # 39; Kevin MALCUIT SV)

Raul ALBIOL 6 – Some stains on the back, placing hands on the Biraschi line itself.

Kalidou KOULIBALY 6.5 – Some initial disturbances are the usual security. He immediately explained to Piatek that he would have a difficult life with him. It comes with a few steps ahead, but without luck.

Mario RUI 6 – Napoli pushes above all on his side even if he doesn't make sparks. But the performance is quite adequate.

Josè Maria CALLEJON 5.5 – Slightly in the shade than usual. Stopped by Radu in the first round, he suffered more than any other rain.

ALLAN 6 – A "normal" match after a terrible show from the last era. But he remains an irreplaceable player for Carlo Ancelotti.

MAREK HAMSIK 6 – Direct operations at the center of the field and go to the shoot at the beginning of the game Bare is more for practicality than playing striking.

Piotr ZIELINSKI 5.5 – Dangerous by deviating left by Romero, then a little more. And actually it stays in the locker room at intervals. (from 46 & # 39; Fabian RUIZ 7.5 – He entered and was another Napoli. It gave tears to the match with his physique and also became a reference point in the offensive phase, talking with Mertens. Sometimes it seemed that the impractical camp was not a problem for him from how strong he was. Firm, out of purpose. )

Lorenzo INSIGNE 6.5 – It came in an instant, but at that time they often felt ill for Genoa. A pole and a pair of assists to kiss for friends. In the second half, it was difficult, but it was predictable with such a field.

Arkadiusz SHOP 5 – Radu said no with a big intervention but the feeling was that he could do something better. For the rest, we see very little. Failed by Ancelotti after a while. (from 46 & # 39; Dries MERTENS 7 – Another that changes the game. Shooting twice before giving magical assistance to Fabian Ruiz. If it's not 100% invisible.)

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