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"I talked to Chiesa, I do not want to sell it. Stadium? Unlike Palottu. Della Valle and 300 million …"


Fiorentina president talks about his meeting with Federico and negotiations for the purchase of purple. Then go back to Milan …

Interview & # 39; w Rocco Commission on president Fiorentina He tells his story, from Calabria to the United States. Then he talks about the viola, but since the failure of Milan: "We were in the final signatures. At night, while we waited for documents Mr. LeeI have never seen in person and with whom I had never spoken, change everything. Changing banks, consultants, lawyers, paras. allI think that in those days he had a better offer than mine. But it did not turn out that in a year and a half we will lose 500 million. But, maybe, I do not know the whole story. "

And Fiorentina? "In 2016 in Milan were more contacts with Milan. Last year, they called me emissaries Della Della. "We do not accept the figures, in which there is no 3" – they said. "Three hundred million?" I ask. I sent them to Italy. "

And then? "They contacted me through JP Morgan, my old bank. They know (He says about himself in the third person, ed.) how Rocco does business as Rocco Sur & # 39; ozna. "3 in front of the" disappeared, we have almost two weeks to two times. "

What he promises fans? "I love football and Italy, the country where I was born. I never liked basketball and football. I am here to learn and work. This is a promise that I'm doing: I work a lot, as I always did. The money I have put in adoption Firentsiny or from members or investors. This money Raqqa, it's mine. Therefore, with a large chop, I ask cooperation of Italian institutions, politicians, mayor Nardelli. Also because, frankly, I can not afford to see the fruits of sacrifices and investments that I make today in ten years. "

For example? "For example, I can not afford to find a situation where Palotta is in Rome today with the issue of the stadium. "

Remains Federico Chiesa? "I do not want to sell it, I do not want this to be my Baggio, Star, which I will come, and he left Florence. I met him here in Chicago, and talked with him. I hope that we can convince him that everything will soon Rocca for Fiorentina. "

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