MAKE CHEMIO FOR 5 YEARS AND FIND NOT HAVE A TUMOR / Wrong diagnosis: this is what he has


for 5 very long years he trusts him tumor patient, moreover, a rare form, and for this reason has experienced a severe cycle chemotherapy. All to find out, at the end of unspeakable human trials, that the problem is not related cancer, but for episodes of malpractice because (fortunately) he did not have a tumor. This is an amazing story James Salaz, a man comes from Montrose, in the US, which since 2012, is believed to have cancer because doctors who have interpreted the high number of white blood cells incorrectly. The true pathology of James is true vasculitis, inflammation of blood vessels is less serious than cancer and for obvious treatment does not require chemotherapy. Too bad it can't be said – putting aside psychological damage because it has lived for 5 years with the Damocles sword leaning on its head – that everything's fine that ends well. James actually, because chemo has developed strong, now chronic pancreatitis.


But how could that be a James Salaz one diagnosed tumor by mistake and to 5 years has experienced a very heavy regime chemotherapy? Everything starts after one lung control: found some anomalies, it was decided to continue biopsy and from this examination we have reached a cancer diagnosis. As reported by Daily Letter, to ensure that the man was convinced that he had a tumor that had no decline, as well as the fact that the number of white blood cells remained very high, clean from the care he had been undergoing. Everything lasts for 5 years, between cycles chemotherapy, biopsy and examination of all types, until James goes to another doctor who tells him that in fact he never had cancer. The actual disease, vasculitis, has caused pneumonia, but not from the cancerous mass. The paradox is that this pathology, if taken in time, can be handled completely: James is now involved in a series of in-depth examinations to check whether the fact that he has not been treated for 5 long years has caused damage to other organs or not.


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