Thursday , February 20 2020
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Self-management in Vienna: suspended checks on buses, "point"


first accident in Vienna for the fleet bus of Navya: one of the two shuttles, which are currently being tested without driver I hit on the knee with the foot: Fortunately, 30-year-old woman would not be sur & # 39; ozna wounded, However, waiting for the competent authorities to determine the responsibilities, it was decided to temporarily suspend all pilot projects on autonomous driving in the Austrian capital.

As reported in the Automotive News Europe and the Austrian TV channel ORF incident, which occurred on Thursday, occurred when Navya SAS bus moved on to speed 12 km / h, After explaining the request from the face. French company The owner of the bus without the driver reported the testimony of witnesses who were in the vicinity of the strike: it will be a woman who will face with a small hookIt distracted by a smartphone and headphones.

Is it possible to avoid a car collision with a woman? Emergency driver on board (Mandatory requirement for testing in Vienna, which began on June 6 last year) Can he avoid an accident or he was distracted in his turn? We just have to wait news report and the results of investigations by the Austrian authorities.

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